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Data Mining, Data Cleansing and Data Entry Services for Your Industry
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Who would have known that job portals and the data entry requirements relating to them would become so huge? Changes to the industry and expectations of both employees and employers means that your industry has become data heavy to the point of crippling turnover. Using an outsource data partner like us will make every aspect of turnaround fast, precise and easy. We capture relevant data from every available platform, and never miss a thing! We can help you with job listings, having a real time job portal and creating a strong balance of tasks with efficiency.

Key to our performance in your industry is our exceptional talent and innovation in web ‘crawling. We get into the tightest online crevasse and bring essential data back with ease. Our data mining and data capture specialty team is energetic, versatile, and experienced. They know all the tricks, including where and how to mine, how to approach difficult to reach eSpaces, and best of all intelligent ways to put this crucial data into readable, streamlines data sets and imagery.

Outsourcing the data overburden to us means you can focus on the primary task of creating the best job portals, which of course will translate into a higher yield for job placements.

Data Mining and Web Research

Valuable information pertaining to the employment industry can be sourced from multiple platforms online. Essential trending and prediction models rely on well mounted data sets. By using an expert you will ensure that nothing is missed. Our data mining and web research team are exceptionally talented and fast. We know where to look, how to extract, and best of all – what is most relevant to your field!

Data Entry Services

In just the same way that we have a specialised team for your data mining, cleansing and enrichments services, we also have a hand picked specialist team for the ultimate experience in data entry and raw data transfer. They are fast, precise and A number one in the art of data entry, and believe me it is an art! Did you know that data concepts are now available as a university degree, that’s right: Data Science! We head hunt and offer great incentives to attract the best graduates.

Data Scope

We can deal with any component of data requirements specific to the recruitment industry:

  • Applicant Information
  • Position Descriptions
  • Company Profiles
  • Feedback Services
  • Data Collection and Data Concepts (i.e. Trending Data)
  • Data Capture from Survey or Other

Hope you have learned about us a lot, now the time to experience us. We provide free trial for offline data entry service to reduce your risk while outsourcing. Rich out to us with your project requirement for a free price quotation.