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Outsourcing your document data entry services to a result oriented provider ensure on-time and on-budget service fulfilment. AskDataEntry.com’s services will help you to save your time and money while outsourcing. Result oriented? Let us give an example – Our client is leading company in Medical Industry and have existence on 19 countries backed by 9,600 employees. This company was looking for a reliable data entry company where they can outsource the data processing requirement for quick, error free service.

Document Data Entry Service Requirement :

Our client usually in process to data entry from 5,00,000 MSDS files manually to a personalised ERP system (Some key data point from each MSDS file). Some of the major challenges our client was facing :

  • Longer Turnaround Time (They had minimum resources to work on this project).
  • Very Low Level of Accuracy (As they are not the data entry professionals the error rate was high).
  • Quality Control (They had no idea how to ensure everything is perfect ).

And top of that they are spending US $9/hr on average for in-house employees. The main reason they were outsourcing this project is to avoid errors while getting it done within a specific time additionally they want to reduce the operational cost.

Let’s have a look what we offer our client based on the situation –

Project Planning : We have a strong group of 296 data entry executives for quality and proven services. At the very initial stage our client received an total project lifecycle spread between milestones with deadline. To make our client more reliable with us we came up with couple of milestone based delivery so they don;t have to wait until a long time for the final project delivery.

Cost Effective Service : We have 2 pricing model, one is pay per hour and another is fixed price. We provide a hour estimate based on the project requirement so you can have an idea about the total project cost. Even we can provide fixed price for the entire project based on your preferences. In this case our client choose pay per hour and they were saving US $5/hour from the starting day on average.

Communication : We are available round the clock for your service, we can adjust our time based on yours. Even we are flexible to communicate using any medium eg: Email, IM Chat, Phone, Video Conference as per our client preferences. We keep our clients update about the project progress and milestone achievement.

At end of the day we had an another successful client with us. Our client save 60% cost & while they receive what they were looking for. So are you planning to outsource your data entry service to us? Great, have a look our list of services.

Which are the document data entry services that can be outsourced?

Outsource Document Data Entry Services
  • Survey Forms
  • Leads Form
  • Business Documents
  • Registration Related documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Legal or Court Papers Documents
  • Research Documents
  • Law Enforcement reports
  • Medical Documents
  • Fact Sheet
  • Warranty Documents
  • or any other scanned documents that need to be digitize.
How are data entry services useful if done by an outsourcing company?

Outsourcing your document data entry service to us have several valuable aspects like a reliable team, data security (we provide NDA for better data protection), cost-efficient and unparalleled services. It doesn’t matter whether your data entry requirement is small or large in size. We have solution for all size.

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We are available to work on a free trial for you to make you comfortable with us before outsourcing. We see there have around 32% new service buyer and we want to make them be assured about our services before commit of project. Please get in touch with us today and experience the reliable outsourcing.

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