Do You Want To Outsource Data Processing Service?

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Well, for sure you should outsource data processing services, No one going to say they have enough time to process data on there own. But the REAL question is – What of all can be outsource under data processing services?

Let’s look at this example : A business data research company based on US was looking to clean a old databases worth 46 thousands potential records. They want us to check each of the records and update the data set accordingly for ex. Address or phone no for most of the companies got changed even some companies changed there business name. But the most important task was to research about the top executives working on those companies (Incidentally they found that particular data is also needed in middle of the project). Additionally they have a tight deadline of 15 days for this data processing service.

Why I Have Explained This Data Processing Service Case Study?

I explained this requirement to elaborate how we use to change work flow to produce valuable data for a business. So you could have mix nature of requirement like 20% data entry, 30% data processing and then 40% data cleaning with 10% data research. Not to worry our service do cover this type of requirements.

So usually the type of data related services are not limited. We can make the project as customize as require to full-fill your data processing requirement.

In summary : I am not focusing about how good we are at data processing but more about what of all you can outsource to us. This is just because we provide free trial before commencing a project so fell free to understand our possibility. We believe that is more transparent than words.

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Likewise we are into most responsible industry, yes it is. Data is the most important asset for any business. But as we said earlier data getting dynamic day by day so we all have to be prepare for that. Let’s have a look on the list of mostly used data processing services :

Data Mining

It could be your potential lead or other business data which you want us to collect and compile from Website, PDF, other form of digital document even a scan copy for your new database. We will grab all those records from one or multiple source to a structural database format (ex. Excel, CSV, Text or SQL) depending on your data processing service requirement.

Data Enrichment

To make a data more usable we have affordable data enrichment service. It could be data verification, fixing invalid data, tagging or shorting data etc. In other hand while we use your data we add extra layer of security to protect it. Consequently let’s have a discussion whether you need us to sign a NDA for your project.

Survey Data Processing

Do you have lot of survey papers and looking for a easy of data access? Such as survey papers filled by delegates on the last trade show you exhibit on. We are here to help you with manual paper survey to excel conversation.

Order Entry & Management

If you are into drop-shipping business outsourcing your order management task will give you lot’s of free time to concentrate on something else. Regularly all you have to provide us your custom instruction to process orders and login credential of the associate portals.

Transaction Data Processing

Furthermore we are skilled to use any software for your transaction data processing outsourcing depending on your preferences. Other hand if you love to have a basic excel file with all of your transaction that’s also possible. Fell free to request a free trial. Outsource data processing with peace of mind.

Forms Processing

If the case is like you have tons of paper form and you need them to be digitize for easy of data analysis this service suite your needs. We have good accuracy record for our latest completed similar projects.
In this case you could have as low as 100 forms to process or 100 thousands of forms, we are ready to start with any volume of data.

Record Indexing

In most cases we found old database is not longer usable just because data are not properly categorise and indexed. So is this something you are dealing with now? To begin with let’s have a conversation about your data indexing or categorizations requirements. Record indexing is the mostly used data processing service.

Creating Mailing List

Are you an individual, startup or a big brand? You must be having a business mailing list or suppose to create a new one if you the responsible person to outreach your business. Consequently this answer will be YES for you. We are skilled to research and deep mine data to create a targeted mailing list for your business. Suppose you have the source to grab those data or you need us to research it, for both cases please fell free to have a discussion about your mailing list data entry service.

Data Cleansing

Your contact database have high bounce rate? Then this is the time it need to be cleaned. We will verify and remove backdated data and update with it current information. Or let us know if you have a custom requirement about data cleaning services.

Image Processing

We use most of the technique to make an image to speak on it own (eg: colour adjustment, cropping, scaling and retouching). This image processing service cover to filter out bad image and indexing the good one for a better user experience.

So —

So outsource your project with us and have get your data processing service done on time. All you have to do is request for a quotation by clicking bellow.

We will get back to you within 12 hours after submitting your quotation request. From that point we will be working to understand your project requirement and how to make it done.

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