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Data capture service is a term that describes the action of grabbing and housing data in readable and appropriate formats. It is often relates to the creation, storage, manipulation, and housing of data that is collected using tools or technology. There are data grabbing devices, systems and sensors.

Using a data expert outsource partner such as us means that you will obtain direct access to the best of data collection and data capture mechanisms. You name the task or objective, and we get the job done at exceptional speed and with great attention to detail.

Techniques Used For Data Capture Services

There are as many ways to create solutions for data capture as there are sources of raw data.

Some nifty data solutions are derived through technology and algorithms mathematically designed. The advance of software and technology through the past twenty years has exponentially increased with dozens of new approaches and data solutions available regularly.

To convert your text, handwritten, image based, voucher, docket, or audio document into a useable and strategic medium we use electronic data capture solutions such as:

  • OCR – Optical character recognition
  • RIFD – Radio frequency identification
  • Image Deskew
  • ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition
  • 2D Area Imagers

We also incorporate a series of other data analysis tools and offer diversity in the way that we can present your data to you. Some of our data solutions involve:

  • Creating and updating catalogs
  • Dataset and datasheets
  • Dashboard for live delivery to your business
  • Image data capture and delivery modalities
  • Much more
Is There A Limit To The Type Of Data Source That You Can Capture Data From?

Not one that we have come up against yet! We are highly engaging and intelligent. We believe that for every challenge there is a solution, and we pride ourselves in the creation of innovation ways to capture and collect data. We also love to create vibrant results no matter what the medium of the raw data origin, or deliverable requirements.

We can deal with enormous volumes of data easily, making us the ideal partnership. Because we are an overseas partnership based in India, we can provide you with a professionalism that is more cost effective than anywhere else. This is because the cost of living here is less, there are more options of technology and software available to us as a lower cost, as well as the standard of education, qualification, and experience within our workforce can be much higher than in other countries.

Here Are Some Of Our Array Of Data Capture Techniques
  • Scanning – state of the art technology both long and short range options.
  • Image restorization, manipulation, creation, tagging and linear imaging solutions.
  • Diversity in data capture, such as magnetic recordings, batch keying, or tally charts.

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