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OCR Services

Digitize your data to maximize its utilization with our OCR services. We aim to make your data easily searchable and maintain high quality. Our cutting-edge OCR technology application digitizes any data set with 99.9% accuracy.

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Getting your Entire Database Digital

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology made the digital transformation process easy. Companies at the global level are using this technology to get their offline physical data online. Not only that, conversion of digital files from one format to another is easy with this technology. Therefore, it provides an edge to businesses handling documents in multiple formats including PDFs, images, scanned documents, etc. Therefore, OCR technology is the key to getting documents converted into digital files. However, using OCR for digital files is a complex process and needs expert help. That’s exactly where we help companies with our extended and comprehensive OCR services. Our experts have intensive knowledge of this technology and they make the conversion process easy.

Conversion of files using the OCR follows these basic four steps;

  • Pre-Processing Identification
  • Recognizing Texts
  • Post-Processing
  • Optimization

Take note, our experts codify data and properly follow each step of the process under QC’s supervision. Because of this, we handle custom requirements regarding optical character recognition services. Additionally, we follow an extra step, which is auditing to match our work with our quality parameters. Delegate your OCR requirements to us as we deliver work with 99.9% accuracy.

Want to outsource OCR services to us?

Want to outsource OCR services to us?

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Offering Custom & Add-on OCR Services

Expect high-end solutions regarding OCR when you delegate your customized needs to us. Our team regularly handles a bulk amount of work with complete accuracy. Over time, we have increased our service offerings so now we cover;

Data Conversion

Ensure your data is in the right format that you need with the help of our professionals.

Data Scanning

Get all files including PDFs and docs scanned as per your requirements by our experts.

PDF Conversion

With fast TAT, we convert large volumes of PDF files without any errors.

Data Processing

Expect us to process all types of data apart from all sizes on time with accurate results

OCR Scanning

Through optimized scanning, we convert all analog files into digital ones and also organize them.

Data Extraction

With our meticulous craft, we extract data from multiple sources and perform OCR before keeping them.

OCR Cleanup

Incorporating human monitoring ensures the complete application of OCR and makes the process issues-free.

Data Capture

Utilizing OCR technology for capturing data in various formats ensures smooth digital transformation.

Ensuring smooth digital transformation of your process is our aim. So, we offer more than these services. Get our free quote to know more.

Benefits of Optical Character Recognition Services

At present, getting files into digital transformation is very much essential for running a smooth business operation. Thus, the OCR system offers a smooth digital transformation. Many companies have chosen us as their outsourcing partner to get our OCR solutions. Therefore, when you choose us you can expect;

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The Process Flow of Our OCR Service

Working with the latest OCR technology benefitted us in multiple ways. It reduces our error rates and smoothens our deliveries. We are one of the finest OCR companies that provide deliveries on time. However, we made our service procedure simple and sorted to provide you maximum benefits of OCR conversion. Let’s check how our services work.

Analyze Requirments
Initiate Trial
Set SLA and Budget
Quality Maintainance
Projects Execution
Projects Allotment
Projects Delivery

Client Experiences


We have developed our faith in AskDataEntry gradually after seeing the progress. Initially, I was very skeptical about their promises. However, with time, AskDataEntry has satisfied all our expectations. The company is still standing straight in its promise to provide us with accurate solutions.

Daizy K., Director of a US-based Service Company

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To accurately extract data from various sources and transform it into machine-editable formats, our document conversion team specializes in offering these services. We recognize the value of your time and make every effort to complete projects on time while maintaining a high-quality standard.

Our processing time for a document with OCR depends on the size and complexity of the record, the quality of the input image, and the OCR software used. Generally, OCR processing time can range from a few seconds to several minutes.

To ensure the confidentiality of your documents when outsourcing OCR services, choose us because we have a proven track record of security and compliance. Also, we have proper data security measures in place, such as encryption, secure data transfer protocols, and secure storage facilities. Additionally, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with your company to protect your confidential information.

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Make your documents searchable using our OCR services.

Get the best combination of data entry and OCR technology and transform information into printable electronic formats. With our services, you’ll handle peak loads while reducing data errors.

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