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Outsource OCR Services

We offer high-quality, reasonably priced OCR conversion services using cutting-edge technology and contemporary techniques. With this service, you can increase the utility of your data by digitizing it.

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Efficient OCR for Organized Progress

The mechanical or electronic conversion of data into text that can be edited automatically by a machine is known as optical character recognition. Data entry using OCR is quicker, more accurate, and more effective than keystroke data entry for images typically captured by scanners. You can build extensive databases with OCR that will aid in the better organization and quick retrieval of files for your business. The secret to increasing the utility of data and making fantastic progress is accurate OCR. It is crucial to use the specialized services that best meet your unique business needs to achieve the desired outcomes.

OCR Services
OCR Services

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The most economical option is outsourcing OCR and data entry work to an expert service like ours. We can efficiently scan characters from your documents and inexpensively convert them into editable formats. We collaborate with businesses worldwide and employ OCR scanning to assist in converting printed data into readable information. We use the most recent image enhancement and acquisition technologies to combine paper documents into simple digital files to store, access, retrieve, and edit. Contact us for the most expert handling of your optical character recognition needs.

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Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Some Important OCR Service Offerings from Us

Our specialized optical character recognition services can handle any job, from bulk processing non-digital files to on-site scanning for valuable and sensitive documents. If you want to outsource OCR services, below you can find our some service offerings-

OCR Cleanup Services

We offer cleanup as part of our OCR solutions, which are applied after OCR is complete. It removes the chance of data loss, fixes misread characters, and aid in data recovery. Utilize our services to improve converted data and achieve greater than 98% accuracy.

Microfiche Scanning and Conversion

When we scan your microfiche, our team carefully converts the data. We handle all microfiche conversions, whether jacketed, COM, rewritable, or step-and-repeat. Our services assist in boosting your profitability and productivity.

Document Digitizing Services

With the help of our document digitizing services, we transform paper documents into digital formats that are perfect for data storage. All document types, including text, images, and video, are digitally converted by us into formats like text, HTML, XML, PDF, DOC, XLS, GIF, JPEG, or TIFF.

OCR Conversion Services

We offer thorough OCR conversion services that assist in transferring the data from your paper documents into an electronic format. To ensure top-notch outcomes, we employ conversion best practices and have a thorough understanding of OCR conversion methods.

Document Scanning Services

For you to audit files and keep track of scanning efficiency, we check your documents as you prefer and promptly deliver reports. Instead of manually sorting and retrieving scanned files, you can manage scanned files more effectively with the help of our document scanning services.

OCR for Online Products

Our operations include extracting information from books, pictures, X-ray films, and other analog sources and converting it into a portable format for use on the internet if you need to create electronic documents for online use.

OCR for Insurance Claims

Every piece of insurance documentation, including typed forms, written applications, premium payments, and claims, will be converted into digital files that can easily be accessed, stored, and retrieved. Our cutting-edge technology offers a high degree of accuracy.

OCR Indexing

In addition to creating digital text files, we compare the output of each engine using different OCR indexing engines. XML technology is used for indexing to enhance document search and retrieval and offer expert results for your requirements.

OCR for Insurance Claims

All insurance paperwork, including typed forms, written applications, premium payments, and claims, will be transformed into digital files that are quickly accessible, storable, and retrievable. Due to our experts’ prompt service delivery, we can help you save time and money.

OCR for Legal Documents

Our secure OCR services benefit sensitive legal documents throughout the conversion process. Our servers and network employ the most recent and efficient security technologies. Due to a server, network, or data breach failure, we have never lost any documents for any project.

Benefits of Our Outsource OCR Services

To deliver digital images in the formats requested by clients, such as popular PDF or TIFF format images at 300 DPI, we use specialized software to deskew images. We offer a variety of OCR tools, including handprint OCR, cursive OCR, typewriting OCR, music OCR, and MICR. Our OCR solutions also use OCR software to recognize handwriting and print. By outsourcing OCR services to us, you can be sure that your data entry needs are in capable, knowledgeable, and experienced hands. Gain the following advantages by collaborating with us right away-

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The Process Flow of Our OCR Service

We only employ the most recent technology, giving our clients a complete solution for their OCR requirements. We can provide dependable, accurate services while saving you time and money because we have skilled, highly trained professionals who are experts in their field. For our outsourcing services, our business has created a systematic approach. We follow the following procedure to provide OCR services-

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To accurately extract data from various sources and transform it into machine-editable formats, our document conversion team specializes in offering these services. We recognize the value of your time and make every effort to complete projects on time while maintaining a high-quality standard.

Our processing time for a document with OCR depends on the size and complexity of the record, the quality of the input image, and the OCR software used. Generally, OCR processing time can range from a few seconds to several minutes.

To ensure the confidentiality of your documents when outsourcing OCR services, choose us because we have a proven track record of security and compliance. Also, we have proper data security measures in place, such as encryption, secure data transfer protocols, and secure storage facilities. Additionally, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with your company to protect your confidential information.

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Get documents that can be searched entirely using text using our OCR services.

We combine data entry and transform information into a printable electronic format as one of the top OCR service providers. With our services, you can handle peak loads while reducing data entry errors.

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