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Medical Data Entry Services

Effortlessly deal with large volumes of complex medical records with the power of accurate medical data entry services.

  • Enhanced medical records maintenance
  • Better medical data management
  • Effortlessly deal with large volumes of complex medical data
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Streamline Medical Data Transformation

The present digital world demands us to live smartly and follow smart working practices. People started to maintain all their records digitally for easy access and retrieval. The medical industry is following the same trend to record all data digitally for better management. To ease their tasks, medical data entry experts record patient details and treatment information, verify insurance details, and so on. Therefore, medical facilities or service providers can perform better in terms of patient care with the help of data entry.

Medical Data Entry
Medical Data Entry

Digitize Medical Records – Enable Flow

With the help of efficient data entry procedures, healthcare companies are doing wonders in their operations. Converting paper medical records into electronic medium allows seamless flow in medical operations. Besides that, healthcare facilities can make better data-driven decisions if they integrate accurate data entry practices. We are providing top-class medical data entry solutions to ensure smooth flow in your healthcare facilities. Trust us to digitize your medical records accurately and innovatively.

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

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Ranges of Medical Data Entry Outsourcing Solutions

Increase your operational effectiveness and ROI, with our diverse range of medical data entry solutions. We transform workflow with the smooth integration of precise and accurate data records. Take a look at the options you can get in the medical data entry process.

  • Hospital Records

  • Clinical & Healthcare Records
  • Account & Billing Records
  • Document data entry
  • Lab or Test Data Records
  • Patient details & chart information
  • Charge Entries

  • ICD-10 Data Entry
  • Credentialing Data Entry
  • Surgical treatment Records
  • Text and numeric data entry
  • Demographics entries
  • Payment posting
  • Medication records
  • Healthcare insurance claim forms
  • Healthcare Analytics Data Entry
  • Prescription Data Entry

  • Image data entry

Get more options with our customized healthcare data entry services to fulfill all your needs.

What Makes Our Medical Data Entry Services Different?

Covering the pharmaceutical, medical, and healthcare sectors, we provide accurate and high-quality data entry solutions. Over the last 9+ years, we gained the trust of numerous healthcare service-providing companies with our amazing solutions. Let’s have a look at what makes us different as a healthcare data entry outsourcing services provider.

ISO Certification

By complying with the regulatory norms of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), we provide medical data entry services. Hence, we guarantee the quality and accuracy of our data entry solutions.

Secure Data Exchange

Through secure FTP and VPN, we exchange data to bypass security complications. On top of this, we rely on top-notch security software to eliminate all security risks.

24/7 Accessibility

Expect a timely response from us for any of your help regarding the service. Our team is responsible for being available in 24*7 circles to resolve your queries.

Scalable Options

Due to peaks and falls in the medical service industry, we offer scalable options. We guarantee that we’ll handle peak pressure so that you can provide complete service satisfaction to your patients.

Exceptional Team

Expertise and subject knowledge are a must to perform healthcare data entry tasks. Although, we are blessed to have the most skilled and talented people on our team for your service.

Modernized Infrastructure

In an innovative and modern workplace, our team performs all our medical data entry work. Hence, it ensures the complete coverage of modern techniques and innovation at our work.

99% Accuracy

With the application of cutting-edge technology, we ensure the complete accuracy of our healthcare data entry solutions. You can expect our accuracy rate up to 99% depending upon your project type.

HIPAA Certification

Besides ISO, we are also following the protocols of HIPAA in healthcare data entry practices. Our data entry practices have been approved by this regularity body and we have its certifications.

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Medical Data Entry Services Workflow

We digitize and arrange your data according to a tried-and-true method for practical use. You can maintain your hospital and clinical papers more securely with our service. You can experience transparency from beginning to end without deviating from your primary healthcare function. Our reliable medical data entry outsourcing services include the following steps-

What Our Medical Data Entry Process Includes

Consistent Medical Data

Correct Measurement Values

Entering Data in the Right Sections

Correct Patient Information

Accurate Patient Files

Putting Abbreviation Correctly

No Typo & Spelling Mistake

Complete Information

Update Documents Timely

Client Experiences


The way AskDataEntry helped us with its medical data entry solutions is amazing. We are essentially very happy with the solutions provided by AskDataEntry in this regard. We recommend the company to other healthcare organizations as well.

Frida Mattison, Head of Lab Data Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

Data security is the prime function that a medical data entry service provider works on. We follow a standard method to ensure complete security of data, which is also prescribed by HIPAA.
Besides manual data entries, we use OCR (Optical Character Recognition), cutting-edge tools, and other things for our work. Using technology has minimized error percentage, increased efficiency, and streamlined our work.
Outsourcing data entry work is always a cost-efficient option that’s the main reason why healthcare organizations must choose this. Besides cost-efficiency, outsourcing also brings a lot of advantages.

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We look forward to building continual relationships with our clients through our customized medical data entry services that will make operations agile and cost-efficient. Do you have specific questions or want a guided tour of our services? Contact us!

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