Manual Data Entry

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Manual Data Entry Services

Is your manual data entry process always prone to human mistakes like transposition errors or typos? If yes, therefore, you must outsource manual data entry to experts who ensure accuracy at every turn. However, our manual data entry services will assist you in simplifying the data entry process and assure proper and efficient data management.

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Our manual data entry process always begins with understanding data entry needs, defining fields to enter, and managing source documents. Next, we set up the data entry environment, including accessing the required software or database and confirming the availability of the required forms or templates. However, once the setup is complete, we input the information into the specified fields from the source document. Subsequently, we take great care to maintain precision, speed, and attention to detail during the procedure. Furthermore, we carry out validation checks to ensure the accuracy of data format, range, and consistency.

Manual Data Entry
Manual Data Entry

How You Can Get Our Help

We aim to simplify manually entering data capture, data entry, and indexing details with its data entry services performed manually. Moreover, we support businesses in extracting data from handwritten, printed, and typewritten documents and entering information in any file format, such as Word, Excel, or Access. In fact, we offer dependable and accurate manual entry services to meet your business requirements. Consequently, many clients approach us as we maintain data confidentiality. Simultaneously, our email system is also protected so that we can email critical documents to our clients worldwide. Positively 99.99 percent precision is assured through our intensive quality assurance program. Following this, we have additional teams to check the project quality before delivery.

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Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Some Manual Data Entry You Can Use

We naturally collaborate with various international clients from education, finance, NGO, healthcare, market research, retail, auto, real estate, and other sectors. We always perform the data entry manually in various file formats depending on your business needs. However the following are a few of them –

  • Application Forms
  • Subscriptions
  • Questionnaires
  • Handwritten Documents
  • Scanned Images
  • Legal Documents
  • Insurance Forms
  • Customer Feedback Forms
  • Books
  • Dictionaries
  • Directories
  • Survey Forms
  • Image/Graph
  • Research Papers
  • Medical Documents
  • Database
  • Catalogs
  • Invoices
  • Company Reports
  • Financial Statements
  • Debit & Credit Notes

  • CRM Data Entry
  • Content Management System (CMS)

Our Benefits for Manual Data Entry Outsourcing

Businesses worldwide always approach us with data entry requirements, such as manual, online, and offline data entry. Definitely, we value their trust and do our best to ensure every customer is happy with our service. To keep data safe and secure, certainly, we have strict data protection policies.

Affordable Services

Definitely, the expense of hiring and training professionals to manage the expanding operations can be high as the business grows. Undeniably, you can save money by using our data entry manual outsourcing services instead of paying for personnel to enter data manually, train data entry workers, and naturally maintain the necessary infrastructure.

Gain from Modern Technology

We have provided data entry outsourcing services for a long time, and so forth, regularly upgrading their technology and infrastructure to stay current with industry standards. Therefore, outsource manual data entry services to us and get access to your industry’s latest technology and equipment without purchasing and installing it on-premise.

Concentrate on Core Competencies

Always concentrating on core competencies and data entry tasks can take much work, especially for growing organizations with constrained resources. However, by working with us, you can ensure your business runs smoothly while your internal talent concentrates on its core competencies and expansion.

Data Security, Privacy, and Quality

Our company and you both definitely signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) obligating us to protect the privacy of your data when you outsource your data entry processes to us. In addition, our ISO certification guarantees the safety and caliber of the services. Moreover, we promise to keep your information secure and private.

Global Talent Pool Access

Finding the right talent for your company always takes time and money. Outsource manual data entry services, obviously get a thorough vet, and manage a talent pool, ensuring that only the most qualified individuals work on your project.

Customized Service and Transparent Process

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to outsourcing these data entry functions. Besides we offer customizable services with an eye toward your strategic objectives. Indeed, the requirements of each company are unique. At this point, our data entry manual outsourcing services are customized according to the customer’s needs.

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Our Process Flow for Manual Data Entry Services

We have a set procedure for performing these data entry services. Our experts can complete the work quickly and accurately using better methods and techniques. The steps we take to provide these data entry services are listed below.


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My experience working with the AskDataEntry team was fantastic. However, they answered all my questions promptly, then deeply understood my manual data entry requirements, and finally enabled me to access the data I needed to grow my business – all at a very affordable price. Definitely, I will go back to AskDataEntry for my projects.


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By contacting us today, you can always find out how we can quickly locate and recover data essential to your business in the correct file format.

Indeed we offer unique, affordable, and timely manual data entry services. In fact, we tailor the various services provided to your business to ensure that it succeeds to the fullest extent possible. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information about our manual data capture services.

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