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AskDataEntry is an absolute professional with extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and related fields. They assisted me during a very trying time after a house fire by handling all the pertinent claims issues and negotiating a fair settlement. When you need assistance with filing insurance claims, AskDataEntry is a great place to start, especially if you are unable or unwilling to handle the task yourself.

About the Client

A company based in the United States that offers distinctive therapy services at a reasonable price to help people recover from injuries to their backs and bodies that have caused them physical pain. The organization’s mission is to assist injured people in quickly returning to full-scale life.

The most recent scientific findings underpin the treatments. Under the direction of its visionary founder and chief orthopedic specialist, the provider’s multidisciplinary teams of highly trained professionals deliver care. Physical therapy and chiropractic care are two of the services offered.

The business has been growing quickly in recent years, opening new locations and acquiring related companies in an effort to spread its novel, patent-pending methodology to more regions and thus increase accessibility and reach. It was initially established in Los Angeles, and both Los Angeles and New York have seen growth. A new branch has just opened in Bethesda. In 2023, the client intends to start doing business in Franklin.

Client’s Business Challenge

The client had to handle problems like –

1. Time and Money – The client is currently pursuing business growth and expansion in various cities. They discovered that managing insurance claims, resubmissions, and negotiations over denials consumed a significant amount of work time, resources, and money because they provided specialized care and therapy for people suffering from backache and discomfort.

2. Greater Attention – Furthermore, processing insurance claims is a time-consuming task that is crucial and demands close attention to detail.

3. Excessive Manual Tasks – The business’s previous data entry system made extensive use of manual input, which was labor-intensive and prone to mistakes. As a result, the processing of claims took longer than expected, which delayed reimbursement and left customers unhappy.

4. Satisfaction – The existing system was unable to satisfy the client’s additional requests for more automation and real-time tracking of their claims.

In order to improve their administrative work processing, the client wanted to streamline it. This would enable them to avoid insurance company denials and shorten collection delays for patient payment obligations. In order to achieve this goal, they made the decision to try outsourcing their non-core administrative procedures related to patient insurance claim processing. After hearing about us from a recommendation and being wowed by our company profile, they got in touch with AskDataEntry, a reputable data entry service.

Solution and Implementation

Now, in order to help automate its system for processing insurance claims, this healthcare company has made the decision to collaborate with AskDataEntry, a provider of data entry services. To help our client, we provide the solutions listed below –

Analysis of Requirements

1. Recognizing the client’s desired transformation of the specific processes by performing a requirement analysis while keeping in mind the business context

2. Understanding the following techniques for transformational outsourcing –

Healthcare Billing – EOB verification and payment posting control

Verifying Insurance – The insurance verification forms processing

Invoice of Patients – Taking care of patient invoices

Verifying Insurance – The insurance verification forms processing

Insurance Aftercare Services – Includes checking the accuracy of insurance claims

We boost our clients to get more sales
We boost our clients to get more sales

Process Execution

1. Recruitment and training of project-related experienced employees with knowledge and experience in the field of revenue cycle management

2. Commencement of an outsourcing trial for the targeted processes, with a focus on the client’s satisfaction

3. After the initial test was successful, the project was expanded to include all of the specified procedures

4. All outsourced processes will have specific SOPs defined, and teams will be led by knowledgeable project managers.


Through their partnership with us, the healthcare company was able to automate their system for processing insurance claims, which led to quicker processing times and fewer errors. Customers were more satisfied as a result of the real-time tracking and reporting features because they could track the status of their claims and get updates immediately. The automation of the solution also increased overall efficiency while lowering the cost of manual labor, saving the company money. The benefits that the business receives after outsourcing the service to us are listed below –

  • 1. Enhanced effectiveness of business processes
  • 2. Increased client satisfaction
  • 3. Expansion of team
  • 4. The benefit of outsourcing to AskDataEntrys’ Indian delivery centers is the time zone
  • 5. Daily processing of 150 line items of EOBs by payment posters
  • 6. Higher cost savings
  • 7. Monthly processing of more than 650 insurance verification forms
  • 8. Rapid response time
  • 9. Each week, 150 voicemails from patient calls are processed


The healthcare organization increased the effectiveness and accuracy of their insurance claim processing system by partnering with AskDataEntry, a leading provider of data entry services. The client’s business was able to decrease errors and processing times, which led to cost savings and higher customer satisfaction, by automating the data entry process and offering real-time tracking and reporting capabilities.

The client’s satisfaction and confidence with AskDataEntrys’ project management and strict adherence to data confidentiality and data accuracy are demonstrated by the team’s expansion as the number of insurance-related administrative processes outsourced increased over the course of a few months.

Patient satisfaction with the calling services has increased; as a result of the dependability of AskDataEntrys’ outsourced patient calling services and its helpful and efficient agents, patients have agreed to pay their insurance premiums by credit card while on the phone. In turn, clients have benefited. In the upcoming years, the project is expected to expand even more.

About AskDataEntry

The data management team at AskDataEntry has the capacity to complete projects of a similar scale with high levels of productivity, seamless transitions, and cost- and quality-conscious results. We accelerate the business objectives of our clients in a way that is cost-effective without compromising quality by utilizing contemporary technology, automation, and talented offshore teams. AskDataEntry offers forward-thinking and technologically enhanced data entry solutions to SMBs, middle market businesses, startups, and emerging growth businesses across a wide range of industries. To learn more about the different data processing services we offer, get in touch with us.

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I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how wonderful my underwriter is! AskDataEntry has consistently exhibited the highest level of professionalism whenever I have needed anything from them or had any questions. It can be difficult to find someone these days with a great phone manner, but they do! I value the entire team’s contributions to the expansion of my organization. In the majority of cases for my company, AskDataEntry is undoubtedly the most competitive.

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