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File Conversion Services

Convert files from one format to multiple formats smoothly with our excellent file conversion services. Our expertise and the use of cutting-edge help you get the desired format of your files. Whether you need help with bulk file conversions or ongoing support, we’re here to help.

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Data stored in a particular format represents how the data is going to be used. Also, the format usually indicates how the data will be stored. Businesses, in reality, want the data in different formats for different uses. Entering the same data into various formats may not suit this case hence they choose file conversion. Converting the files from one format to another eases the job and meets all data requirements. However, converting large documents takes much more time than usual and it demands expertise. Hence, our solutions provide a seamless bulk conversion of files in different formats without errors.

Conversion of files in different formats include

Excel Spreadsheet



2D Graphics

3D Graphics




Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

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File Conversion Services Offerings

Over the years, we have developed conversion capabilities and can handle many document conversions. Our document conversion projects are practical in terms of both time and money. Among the many conversion services we provide are the following;

Get files converted into PDF format for your easy publishing needs. Our experts convert files into PDF and other formats (including HTML and XML) for e-publishing needs.

Eliminate the need for hard copies with our extended document conversion services. With our help, you’ll get all hard copies converted into digital files which you can update digitally.

It’s difficult to find an ISO-certified XML conversion service provider and it’s a fact. Choose us to get our XML conversion solutions as we are the ISO-certified ones. We convert various versions of XML including DTD, JATS, XSD, etc.

Get your image files converted into JPEG, PNG, TIFF, Bitmap, and other formats with our expert help. Besides file conversion, we also perform record entry work for images with 99.9% accuracy.

Using cutting-edge tools we transform outdated Word formats into structured data. Our skilled professionals perform text conversion accurately by maintaining document compatibility.

Video Conversion

Before transforming low-quality videos or improperly laminated firms to hard drives, convert them into better formats. Our experts convert files into high-quality formats and ensure them with 0% errors.

Looking for customized file conversion? Let us help you with this. Book your schedule now and talk to our specialists.

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Benefits of AskDataEntry’s File Conversion Service

Our incredibly dedicated team goes above and beyond to work on challenging projects, resolve issues, and meet deadlines. We adhere to a streamlined, ISO-compliant process to guarantee accurate and high-quality output. The following is a list of the steps in the process-

Knowledgeable Experts

Licensed ISO Partner

Quick Turnaround Time

Flexible Input and Output Options

Complete Data Security

Single Point of Contact

Minimal Costs

24/7 Client Support

Our Simple

Method for File Conversion Services

Having a supportive team is a blessing for us. On top of that, we follow a simple method to deliver our services, which looks like;

Client Experiences


Honestly, AskDataEntry is truly a gem company. We got our 5K files converted into different formats within just 3 days. AskDataEntry’s file conversion services are amazing. We are completely satisfied with the quality as well.

Jacob B. M., Manager at an e-publishing Company

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The most common file types that call for our conversion services are PDF files, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and image files.

Although you can download file-conversion programs and software, figuring out how to do it yourself can be time-consuming. If you run a business, you have too much on your plate to do it yourself. Professional conversion services guarantee that they will finish your file conversions quickly and accurately, regardless of the file format they have to work with.

Word already preinstalls several widely used file format converters. An individual must download and install that converter to open a file that isn’t already there. You can alter animations, 2D and 3D graphics, movies, databases, spreadsheets, documents, and music to use them in various contexts.

We can accomplish many conversion-related tasks with the aid of software. Experts advise using file format conversion services from a dependable business like ours that uses a mix of automated and manual procedures to ensure a successful conversion.

Our professional experts offer flexible rates. You will pay much less to have your files converted by a professional than the time you would lose attempting to handle it yourself.

Your data security and privacy are essential to AskDataEntry. As we convert files, we take all necessary precautions to guarantee that your data is secure and unaltered. Our file conversion service team comprises professionals with expertise in various conversion tools. We have security procedures to prevent our clients from losing their data.

Our team will assess the documents you need to convert and provide you with an estimated completion date after you send them to us or grant us access. We’ll inform you how the process goes as soon as we transform your files.

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We have been a top provider of file format conversion services for more than nine years, catering to clients worldwide.

Before converting, we examine different file formats sent to us by our clients. It enables us to select the ideal conversion approach and provide the best results. We match the appropriate expert to your project for conversion based on its level of complexity. Utilize our top-notch resources and cutting-edge tools to convert, save, and safeguard your data files using our file conversion services.

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