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We support authors, publishers, distributors, and businesses by providing a full range of eBook conversion services. Enhance your reader engagement with our eBook conversion services.

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Reach Every Reader: Convert to eBooks with ease

With a more modern feel and a larger readership, eBooks are the digital equivalent of our traditional paperbacks. Today, every publisher aims to reach every possible reader, and eBooks are a perfect way. Thanks to smart devices like tablets, iPads, Kindle Fire, and even smartphones, eBooks have undergone a radical change. Because they are more portable, easier to access, and less of a burden on luggage than physical books, eBooks have natural advantages over hard copies. Publishers are therefore required to successfully convert their printed books to the eBook file format.

ebook conversion
eBook Conversion

Simplify your eBook Conversion with Our Expertise

Do you need help managing complicated eBook conversion requirements? In-house implementation necessitates technical know-how and increases operational costs. Designing, formatting, and presenting content pleasingly and straightforwardly can be challenging for various reading devices. In this situation, you can utilize the knowledge of an eBook conversion service provider like us to outsource. We are one of the top companies offering professional eBook conversion services, and we have a wealth of knowledge about providing multi-dimensional, multilingual, and interactive eBook content.

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Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Our Expert Services for Converting eBooks

Authors and publishers can reap the most rewards by creating eBooks in a preferred format or converting existing ones to a preferred design to serve readers’ digital needs better and increase content visibility. We meet a variety of client needs by working with clients from different backgrounds, industries, and domains, some of which include-

Services for ePub Conversion

Make your printed PDFs or other file formats into ePubs. It includes magazines, catalogs, and manuscripts. You can make it simpler for your target audience to find and read your reading materials by making them more digitally accessible.

Services for Kindle Conversion

Do you need any magazines, journals, books, or manuscripts to convert to Kindle editions? Use the appropriate Kindle conversion software to produce high-quality Kindle output suitable for e-readers.

Services for DocBook XML Conversion

This service allows you to edit your existing publication to ensure accuracy and cross-platform compatibility before converting it to DocBook XML or vice versa. Get XML document conversion services that are expert, efficient, and accurate.

Web-Based eBook Development Services

This service allows you to edit your existing publication to ensure accuracy and cross-platform compatibility before converting it to DocBook XML or vice versa. Get XML document conversion services that are expert, efficient, and accurate.

Services for Multilingual eBook Conversion

With quick and practical support for multilingual conversion, you can translate your content into the preferred languages, reach new audiences, and overcome obstacles. It is a fantastic way to communicate with multilingual people.

Services for Interactive eBook Conversion

Our interactive eBooks make reading enjoyable with high-quality conversion to Word, PDF, HTML, and PPT formats. In addition to ensuring accuracy, our teams work quickly to finish the ebook.

Services for Enhanced eBook Conversion

We use our state-of-the-art conversion tools to convert Word, InDesign, Quark, and PDF format comic books, cookbooks, and children’s books. eBooks with audio and video embedded can increase reader engagement.

Services for Reflowable eBook conversion

Most people find it challenging to adjust their reading angle while using a mobile device. We can ensure that our reflowable solutions adjust the content flow automatically to fit the screen sizes of readers’ devices.

Comprehensive Digital Services

Authors, publishers, academic institutions, libraries, businesses, and tech firms can use our comprehensive ebook conversion services. We offer all-in-one solutions for copy editing, proofreading, and converting books, periodicals, journals, and magazines.

Services for iPad and iPhone conversion

Showcase eBooks with accurate formatting and error-free text in the iBook Store to attract a larger audience. With our unique iPad and iPhone conversions, you can get professional conversions for hard-copy books.

Conversion Services for Fixed Layout EPUB

There are specific layouts included in our eBook conversion and publishing services. This layout allows for panning, zooming, and changing the size of the content. For fixed layout EPUB conversion services, contact us right away.

Services for eBook Typesetting

We arrange the content of your ebook to make it easy for readers to access its various chapters and sections. It includes graphics, audio, and video positioned in the right places according to a predetermined format.

Advantages of Our eBook Conversion Services

We offer eBook conversion so that you can give your readers a fun infotainment experience. Our eBook conversion team, composed of talented coders and CSS experts, has completed eBook projects of all sizes and levels of complexity for many publishers, universities, businesses, and authors worldwide. The following are some additional advantages if you want to outsource to us.

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Our Methodology for Providing eBook Conversion Services

We employ models based on dedicated staff, hourly pay, and projects. Depending on your needs, you can select the ideal one. We adhere to a clearly defined roadmap to fulfill your eBook conversion requirements. Here is how we will do it.

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The answer, in a word, is yes. We convert documents into Kindle and ePub formats from PDF, Word, and Indesign formats.

To ensure the security and confidentiality of your ebook content, you should choose an ebook conversion service provider like us. We have a good reputation for data security and privacy. We also ensure the confidentiality of your information by offering a non-disclosure agreement with our service that prohibits sharing your confidential information with third parties.

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We have significant experience fulfilling the unique needs of various publishing houses and business marketing requirements. Our eBook conversion support allows you to meet specific customization and formatting requirements by relying on the most up-to-date scanning and formatting technology and our skilled graphic designers.

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