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Outsource eBook Data Entry Services

We provide eBook Data Entry Services to help businesses publish content more quickly and effectively manage articles, documents, guides, reports, files, social media posts, and other content. We have the expertise to do the job right, from data formatting to content input.

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Digitize Your Books with Our Expertise

People are wealthy because books have been a part of their lives for a long time. Books are the only form of media that has ever been effective at preserving, transferring, and storing knowledge. Both the book and humans have changed over time. Since its inception, people have expanded, grown, and carefully preserved books. As we entered the digital age in the latter half of the 20th century, book data entry services became essential for storing book data electronically. Certainly one of our most enduring companions, books have had to change to accommodate eBooks. We are adding numerous new features to the book, and thus, we have created an ebook format. To save money and receive high-quality, highly accurate services from experts, outsource book data entry work to us.

eBook Data Entry
eBook Data Entry

Create eBooks from Any Document with Us

We can help you if you want to make eBooks from documents in MS Word, PDF, HTML, or InDesign. Our experts accurately convert your layouts, images, hyperlinks, and other elements into original ebooks prepared for online publication immediately. Our devoted team ensures that illustrations and photos are integrated into the finished eBook when converting hard-copy source material to eBook format.

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

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Some of Our Specific eBook Data Entry Solutions

You have access to a committed group of linguists and technical professionals with us as your partner because they are leaders in their fields. We help you complete the publishing process by converting your text into a professional ebook format. Examples of our eBook Data Entry Services include the following –

Design of eBooks

An ebook’s design and layout greatly influence ebook’s readability, appearance, feel imagery, informational sequencing, and reader engagement. Our designers create distinctive book covers that pique the interest of the intended audience.

Editing eBooks

We have the adaptability and know-how to handle any project, regardless of how straightforward or complex your book is—a comprehensive journal with tables, equations, footnotes, cross-references, and pull citations, for example. All our materials are grammatically sound.

Formatting of eBook

We aim to turn your text, graphics, tables, cross-references, and hyperlinks into the most logical, understandable, and practical eBooks possible. We used paragraph styles while writing, which perfectly reflect your eBook copy.

eBook Development

We support various file types, including PDFs, technical guides, user guides, installation guides, manuscripts, and print layout files. We provide direct conversion services from a manuscript to an eBook, which will perfectly match your book.

Complex Conversions

We are capable of handling highly challenging standard eBook conversion tasks. These consist of long notes, lengthy captions, captioned and hyperlinked figures (from/to text), complex nested lists and tables, and mathematical equations.

ePub and Mobi-Standard / Reflowing

We can help you produce ePub eBooks compatible with Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone), most mobile apps (Stanza, Aldiko, Shortcovers), Android phones, and many other eBook readers.

Standard Format

The format that is most widely used, most user-friendly, and most effortless to distribute. The standard configuration doesn’t have fixed pages, and users can’t place objects on a page. Instead, the eBook reflows according to the user’s device, screen size, selected text size, and font.

Fixed Layout eBook

We base our layout-specific epub projects on Apple iOS specifications and test other vendors and platforms to ensure no problems arise. A fixed-layout epub created for Apple will also work on Android and Kobo devices.

Benefits of Using Our eBook Data Entry Solutions

We take care of the complexity and hassle associated with eBook data entry so that businesses can take advantage of, among other benefits, excellent quality, quick turnaround times, and customized formatting. We are a great choice for outsourcing your eBook data entry needs. Among them are –

Transforming Formats

We can convert eBook data to the appropriate formats, such as AZW3, HTML, PDFePub, MOBI, AZW, TXT, or XML, making it compatible with and supported by all widely used platforms and devices.

Content Security

We implement strong security measures to safeguard our clients’ eBook data. These measures include access protocols that permit only authorized individuals, compliance with ISO standards, and continuous monitoring of our modern facility.

Principal Applications

For added value, superior outcomes, and accuracy in our eBook services, we use cutting-edge business applications, such as MS Word, RoboHelp, Framemaker, PageMaker, HTML, Quark, Adobe InDesign, Scrivener, and others.

Unique Layouts

For a polished presentation, use a customized eBook layout that includes content design elements like chapter titles, sub-titles, images, page numbers, fonts, screen sizes, dedication and acknowledgment pages, and text sizes.

Numerous Language Publications

Regardless of the original language, we provide eBook data entry services to our international clients in several languages to guarantee that the context and content of the eBook are accurate and maintain integrity.

Formatting of Mobile Device

To reach a larger audience, businesses can order ebook formatting that is user-friendly for mobile devices, compatible with them and complies with the layout and configuration requirements for platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry OS, Bada, and more.

Quality Assurance

Rigorous Quality Assurance processes help ensure accuracy. On completion of data entry, a team of proofreaders and editors check the output.

Flexible Input

We can work with many source materials – PDF documents, Word files, printed copies, and scanned books.

Quality Control

We follow strict quality control procedures to support accuracy. Our group of editors checks the final output for grammatical and contextual errors.

Adaptable Output

We can deliver the finished eBook files in various formats, including ePub and Mobi, depending on your needs, via email, FTP upload, or Dropbo

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Our Method for eBook Data Entry Services

When analyzing your book, we consider it from the reader’s point of view. We preserve the formatting and line spacing from the original print version. The steps below make up our ebook data entry process –

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These tasks will cost you much money if you hire a group of internal staff to complete them. Additionally, the amount of data entry for ebooks varies. Therefore, managing data entry tasks of eBooks with an internal team takes time to scale up. It is the rationale behind why businesses outsource the data entry work of eBooks to an international firm.

We can create eBooks from various documents, including books, user manuals, and scientific papers. The documents may be in Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, or InDesign formats.

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Contact us immediately to learn more about our ebook data entry procedures or to begin writing your next fantastic ebook.

Contact us immediately to learn more about our ebook data entry procedures or to begin writing your next fantastic ebook.

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