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Document Management Services

Arranging voluminous data stored in diverse formats is now easy with our document management services. Our experts perform document scanning, indexing, converting, etc to manage all your documents. Majorly, we cover the entire document lifecycle, from creation to disposal.

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Streamlining Document Management Process

At present, businesses are operating through tons of files every day for different affairs. Leaving those files as it is may slow down the process and create unnecessary pressure on data management. On the downside, arranging a warehouse for storing all the data is a costly process. Thus, as a solution, we provide document management outsourcing services. Here, we enable you to access, search, retrieve, and distribute information in the documents securely and faster. With years of experience and expertise, we digitize documents with the utmost care and manage them properly.

Perform scanning and conversion of

  • Historic Collection
  • Magazine
  • Corporate Records
  • Deeds and Leases

  • Insurance Forms
  • Warranty Cards
  • Medical Records
  • Bank Statement
  • Legal Documents

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

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Popular Document Management Service Offerings

What we offer as document management solutions is to create, store, organize, manipulate, and update documents. Here, we aim to digitize all your paperwork and make your office paperless with our dynamic solutions. Our broad and popular services in this vertical cover the following aspects;

  • Data Processing

  • Data Capturing

  • Managing Document Access

  • Converting Microfilm into Digital Docs

  • Keying Data from Paper into Database

  • Facilitating Document Retrieval, Retention, & Access

  • Managing Complex Content Repository

  • Document Annotation

  • Maintaining Document Integrity

  • Text and Document Indexing

  • Back File Scanning and Conversion

  • Document Retrieval

  • Document Lifecycle Management

  • Metadata Management

  • Document Archiving

Besides all, we also deliver custom solutions for managing documents better. Consult us now and get over your headache!

Benefits of Our Document Management Services

Managing crucial documents with the utmost level of security is non-negotiable at our workplace. Since we’ve been delivering our services for over 9 years thus we gained complete control over these services. There are numerous organizations spread across Europe and America that benefit from our services. Some of the top benefits that you’ll have when you choose us are;

Expect 99.9% accuracy because our employees have received specialized training in engineering document management. Also, they possess high motivation and expertise.

Get deployment capabilities over LAN, WAN, and the Internet with our document management system. It allows for the easy sharing of documents between multiple users.

Assisting with up to 300 different file formats with complete accuracy.

Keep your important data safe in locations with 24/7 manned security and CCTV monitoring.

To perform data conversion and data capture better, we deploy and utilize error-free techniques from our end.

Affordability is our primary target for delivering our services. Hence, our product package is highly customized and economical.

Getting files easily from our databases as we apply barcodes to files before neatly organizing them in storage. You can retrieve an individual barcoded file instead of an entire carton.

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Client Experiences


We find managing a lot of import-export documents by following all rules and regulations very difficult. Therefore, we wanted to have an outsourcing partner that could perform all document management tasks for us. Eventually, we found AskDataEntry is very promising in their document management services. They organized all our documents in their respective folders within a specific period and handed all folders to us before the deadline.

Charles K., Director of a Broker Agency

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our outsourcing document management can save you money by reducing the need for in-house storage space, personnel, and equipment and eliminating document retrieval and processing costs.

Our document management services improve efficiency and productivity by streamlining document processing, reducing turnaround times, and freeing staff to focus on core business tasks.
Absolutely yes, our services are scalable as per your business requirements. We can increase our tea size to perform our document management tasks urgently and downsize also. Our work culture permits us to scale up our operations. We take care of big business needs as well as small business needs.

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Businesses worldwide can get dependable and affordable document management services from us.

Our organization has the knowledge and experience necessary to complete your online document management task, unlike any other business, which explains why we have the highest rates of repeat business. Contact us immediately to learn more about our data entry and document management solutions.

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