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Data Verification Services

Integrate the best data verification services to ensure the correctness, conciseness, and completeness of your information. Get ISO-certified data quality verification solutions from us to increase your operational efficiency.

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Experience the Power of Verified and Consistent Data

In recent times, businesses have been exploring and shifting to digital platforms for better opportunities. Hence, it’s vital to strengthen businesses with verified and consistent data. This data generally includes transactions, consumers, trends, and other crucial information. However, acquiring raw data directly from the sources without verification might cause negative results, as it typically includes errors. So, outsourcing the best data verification services can help businesses eliminate all errors effectively. Therefore, businesses can reach their full potential by considering consistent and error-free data.

Data Verification
Data Verification
  • No Bad Data
  • Maximize Values
  • Make Accurate Decisions

Connection between Data Verification & Business Growth

Data, at present, plays the most crucial role in the decision-making process. Businesses can only achieve success and potential growth if they make the correct data-driven decisions. To make correct decisions, they need accurate and reliable data. However, often businesses face difficulties in validating the data they acquire from open sources. At this point, we help businesses with our data verification solutions to ease their decision-making process. As a reputed data verification company, we use cutting-edge tools to verify data and make it completely free from all kinds of errors.

Want to outsource data verification services to us?

Want to outsource data verification services to us?

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Insightful Data Screening and Data Verification Offerings

To experience the maximum potential of your business, explore our top data verification offerings;

Data Validation Services

To ensure the correctness and relevancy of data, we perform database verification and validation accurately. We remove outdated information, redundancy, false information, inconsistent datasets, and a lot more things.

Forensic Data Verification

The use of cutting-edge tools is a common thing in our regular data verification operation. With these tools and our state-of-the-art techniques, we do b2b data verify and validate each layer of the database for complete verification.

Social Profile Verification

To find and fix mistakes in the social data of the intended audience, we offer Email verification and Social Profile Verification Services. Strict validation and verification of data checks are the foundation of our well-developed social profile verification process.

Address Data Verification

Ensure your mailing reaches the exact location with our geo-location verification services. Besides working following the postal standards, we compare addresses from two databases with the same address for verification.

Phone Verification Services

Eliminate inaccurate and outdated phone numbers from your database with our phone verification service. We help in increasing the efficiency of your marketing and sales campaigns. Also, we make sure you connect your prospects at the right time.

OCR Verification Services

As an expert data verification company, we handle OCR operations. Hence, you will get proficient and error-free data even if the data is collected via the OCR technology. With our fast OCR verification services, you can make your business decisions on time.

Data Entry and Verification

Maintain complete accuracy of crucial data while keyring the records with our top-notch services. Our experts simultaneously verify data while entering the records into the database with complete accuracy.

Data Breach Verification Service

When confidential information becomes public, this is called a “data breach.” A business might become involved in litigation if the information is sensitive or personal. By detecting incidents of data breaches, we help companies to put safeguards in place within a short time.

Double Entry Data Verification

To match accounting records, matching the debits and credit sides is a must. With our expert accounting experts, we verify all data by following double entry accounting system procedure.

Data Verify Mortgage

Verification of financial instruments is tricky as it needs proper financial and legal knowledge. Thus, you can rely on us as our team includes experts from legal and financial domains to verify mortgages.

Data Migration Verification

Mistakes while migrating data from one database to another are unavoidable. However, with our attention-to-detail practices, we left no errors while migrating files from one database to another.

Email Validation Services

Partnering with us to fix inconsistencies stored in your email database. Our email address list validation allows you to send emails to prospects without worrying about bounces or ISP blocklisting.

Let’s not just limit our data validation services and solutions only here. Contact us to verify your data and fulfill your data verification needs.

How AskDataEntry’s Data Verification Services are Different?

Expect us to perform critical b2b data verify with ease. The way we verify datasets makes us different from all our competitors. As a champion in delivering high-quality data verification solutions, you can find the following differences in our services.

How We Verify Your Data

Simple and quick methods are helping us to deliver quality data verification services to you.

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Client Experiences


We choose AskDataEntry for its amazing manual verification process. The company promised to use technology for the verification work besides using the manual process. That thing has made me and my team impressed. We witnessed their work and their working procedure. Overall, we are very delighted with the help we are getting from AskDataEntry.

Zen K., Director of a Supply Chain Company

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Someone whose core task is different, not the traditional data entry tasks, can opt for outsourcing. Outsourcing data verification from a trusted company ensures an error-free consistent database that helps businesses make informed decisions.
Following a standard operating procedure, we gather, maintain, and verify data. The application of cutting-edge tools is wide in our work. Plus, we maintain confidentiality in our workings too.

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