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Outsource Data Verification Service

We offer efficient and reliable data verification services to help you maintain the quality of your data. You can eliminate all errors and discrepancies from your data sets and produce insights that can guide decision-making by outsourcing your data verification needs to us.

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Unlock the Power of Accurate Data with Data Verification

Data is essential to every business in the modern, fiercely competitive marketplace. The majority of the information businesses hold that doesn’t match the profile of a potential user, however, includes out-of-date email addresses, outdated addresses, and phone numbers. Your marketing campaigns will suffer due to these business data inconsistencies, which save time and money. Using our forensic data verification services, you can identify the issues with your data processing system and use your data wisely to make essential business decisions.

Data Verification
Data Verification

Accurate Data-Informed Decisions – Business Growth

Data inconsistencies occur when moving data from one source to another or from a legacy platform to a more contemporary one. The procedure guarantees that the information is accurate and complete. As a seasoned data verification company, we use cutting-edge tools and methodologies to ensure you receive accurate and high-quality data by adhering to strict data verification procedures. Fully verifiable data and sample verifiability are our areas of expertise. We test the first system end-to-end and the second using a random sample.

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Some Most Important Data Verification Services

Our specialists have a wealth of experience and expertise in verifying international phone numbers, addresses, and name data to assist you in enhancing customer communications, enhancing delivery effectiveness, and lowering mailing costs. For database optimization, we provide you with the desired quality results. Our mostly outsourced data verification services consist of the following –

Data Validation Services

Verification would only be complete with this service. Our group works on your database to improve the quality of the data. We achieve this by deleting redundant, inaccurate, or out-of-date information.

Forensic Data Verification

In addition to testing and validating data protection procedures, including data destruction for security, we offer identity verification services to assist our clients with verifying identities.

Social Profile Verification

We created the Social Profile Verification Service to find and fix mistakes in the social data of the intended audience. Strict verification checks are the foundation of our well-developed process.

Address Verification Services

We only verify addresses during this process. To verify the accuracy of the name, pin code, city, and house number, we compare addresses from two databases with the same address.

Phone Verification Services

You can eliminate inaccurate and outdated phone numbers from a database with our phone verification service. We help you increase the efficiency of your marketing and sales campaigns. With this, you can make sure your visitors are easily reachable.

OCR Verification Services

There’s a chance that OCR-based data collection methods sometimes yield inaccurate results. We can assist you in removing errors brought on by technical mistakes, thanks to our proficiency in sorting data from optical character recognition. We can finish it quickly.

Data Breach Verification Service

When confidential information becomes public, this is called a “data breach.” A business might become involved in litigation if the information is sensitive or personal. To detect attempts to breach data, we help companies to put safeguards in place within a short time.

Email Validation Services

This service analyzes email databases to fix inconsistencies. Our clients benefit from our expertise in email address validation and sorting because it allows them to send emails to prospects without worrying about bounces or ISP blocklisting.

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Advantages of Our Data Verification Service

We provide our clients worldwide with a wide range of outsourcing advantages as a top data verification company. You can gain several advantages by outsourcing your data verification needs to us. Working with us has many benefits, including the following:

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Working with ASK Data Entry has been a great experience. They quickly adapted to our line of business, consistently performed well, and by going beyond their duty, proven to be a wonderful and reliable partner.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many organizations still need to define critical data roles, standard protocols for data quality, or a clear vision for achieving data quality goals. Businesses that want to adopt a data-driven culture and manage more data effectively can benefit from outsourcing data validation services.
Many organizations need more standard protocols for data quality, a definition of critical data roles, or a vision for achieving data quality goals. Businesses can adopt a data-driven culture, ensure data effectiveness, and manage more data to achieve the best results by outsourcing data validation services.
As a seasoned data verification company, we have worked with a broad network of B2B and B2C clients in sectors like banking, retail, insurance, healthcare, and the automotive industry to verify massive amounts of data.
You can send us all the files you want digitized via mail or upload them through our FTP or other file-sharing platforms like Google Drive or Dropbox, which are significantly larger.

Outsource Data Verification to Us!

We are a leader in the world when it comes to meeting the data needs of identity verification services for multinational corporations.

Our international clients receive a variety of data management services from us. Without delaying project completion dates, we provide highly scalable solutions. Contact us if you need skilled and reasonably priced data verification services.

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