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We provide countless clients with every day Data Management Services that are outsourced to us. Thats alleviating them of the gluggy and meticulous tasks that were anchoring their business in a moving economic world. Our clients are so happy with the change to their core business and cite the following to be of most note when switching to us for the Business Outsource Provision (BPO), and Knowledge Outsource Provision (KPO) requirements.

“We will never go back to working without you as a BPO. Not only have you acted as a most diligent, fast and reliable partner in error free solutions, but your respectful business suggestions have given me insight and a new direction. My business is profiting more than ever before, I had no idea how much I was missing the mark with inhouse data management. Well more to the point, without the outsourced BPO partnership!” – Jasica M, Business Analyst.

Benefit Of Outsourcing Data Management Services

Easy solution for Low-High end requirements

Our Data Management service provision will create easy solutions in handling your bulk and raw data needs. As well as we will develop key data strategies that you may not have thought of previously. Some of these include: Data and information gathering, from survey and interview to data mining and crawling techniques. We will find you data that you didn’t know existed!

Data cleansing and validation

Our data scrubbing and data cleansing techniques mean that we will go through all of your data at speed in order to identify faulty, missing, or duplicated data. We will find data fields that are outdated or create new data fields that better represent current and live data. The speed and accuracy with which we operate makes us a perfect option for results at lowest cost. We are so confident in our ability to impress you, we welcome sample work for free!

100% Error free report

Outsourcing your data management tasks to us will automatically reduce risks and create error free data across every spectrum of your business. Key objective, company reports and strategic development models are built on the back of data. If you have just one mistake at the data face, it can lead to exponentially disastrous indicators and statistics. Which of course will have a flow on effect throughout your entire business modality.

We Bring You Data Management Services Across A Broad Spectrum
  • Virtual assistance
  • Secretarial services
  • Appointment scheduling and follow through
  • Data entry at bulk levels from any format, including hand written
  • Form processing
  • Data mining and crawling
  • Transaction processing, invoicing and receipts
  • Document management services
  • OCR scanning services
  • Catalog creation, manipulation, update and management
  • Image digitalization, adjustment, and tagging services
  • Expert and professional company reports
  • eBook production

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