Data Entry Management for Insurance Industry

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We know that your industry is overwhelmed with arduous data process. With the influx of paperwork increasing to match the litigious intensity of the era, insurance companies are drowning in a data rich world. Let us be your solution and bring you superior, high quality, error free data sets in the blink of an eye.

AskDataEntry has the widest range of options, at the most cost effective rates, and our suite of packages will have more than one option for you to choose from. We are so confident that you will love our company that we offer sample services for free!

It is a mixture of our innovative approaches, keen team and staffing options, diversity of products and attention to detail that creates the high level return customers and satisfied client list. We live, breathe, think data.

Solutions and High Speed Data Management Made Easy

Key Data Service Provision

Includes: All raw data entry mechanisms; handwritten, emailed, scanned or faxed. The moment that you send us your files we will upload them, there is no amount of data too big for us to handle and you will be amazed how quickly essential data comes back to you, again in any preferred platform. We offered data storage solutions too. Our data cleansing and tagging services will have your data easily accessible and up to date.

Our Scope

Whether handwritten, online or offline, our data entry services for the insurance industry are second to none. We process bulk data such as claim forms, bills, dental and disability forms and claims. We can produce, optimize, and streamline data catchment tools such as feedback, survey or interview.


We have an entire team dedicated to insurance data entry and data management solutions. They are leaders in the field and more than 60% of them are tertiary or industry qualified. Hand picked for the task it is this team that will turn your data nightmares into seamless and strategic ways forward.

Tailor Made

Our data entry services start with you. We will outline precisely what your expectations and requirements are, this includes data safety and confidentiality. Our experts are paying absolute attention to your needs at all times and will alert you if there is a faster, better way of managing your data solutions.

Precision and Accuracy

No matter how fast the turnaround is from raw data to usable data sets, you can rest assured that accuracy is everything. Unlike one or two of our competitors, we are realistic. We will never tell you that our error margin is 100% nobody should. We confidently offer 99.99% accuracy and deliver to this standard every time. Don’t forget our insurance data entry team is available 24/7 to get the job done. Our customer support and contact mechanisms ensure that you can reach us anytime.

Hope you have learned about us a lot, now the time to experience us. We provide free trial for offline data entry service to reduce your risk while outsourcing. Rich out to us with your project requirement for a free price quotation.