Data Entry, Indexing & Management for DMS Companies

Streamlined solutions for Accurate Data Management
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Our capacity to deliver clever data strategies is the best in the industry. Partnership with us as your preferred outsourcer ensures the best for data capture taking your paper or PC based information to the next level for organised and usable data content. We have innovative data storage solutions and cost-effective data entry options to suit your every need.

We excel in meeting the needs of Data Management Systems (DMS), Enterprise Content Management System (ECM), Business Process Management Systems (BPM), and Customer Communication Management (CCM).

We aren’t just working for you, we are working with you. We take our partnership seriously and consider ourselves to be a responsible and effective extension of your core team. This means diligence, professionalism and best of all data expertise at your beck and call.

Our Extensive Range of Data Management Strategies to Suit DMS Companies

Data Entry Services

Everything starts and finishes with our extraordinary team of data entry specialists. They are unquestionably fast and accurate, often employing ‘Hot Seat’ change over techniques and double up staff on your projects to ensure that accuracy is optimum. From scanning equipment and comfort in seating we give our data entry team everything they need for ideal performance. Our staff are long-term and know we value them, you will find them a pleasure to work with.

Scanning and Indexing Services

Retrieving essential business data and information needs a strong team that can quickly scan, digitize, and index a number of documents including financial statements, survey data, invoices, accounts, voucher and coupon information, purchase orders and other. We have diversity and great equipment ensuring optimum yield for your data needs.

OCR and Handwritten Tools and Services

Using clever and innovative techniques such as Optical Character Recognition services will ensure the most cost effective and results oriented data solutions for you. Enabling our staff means a faster and error free data turnover for you. Tagging and organising your data makes retrieval.

Hope you have learned about us a lot, now the time to experience us. We provide free trial for offline data entry service to reduce your risk while outsourcing. Rich out to us with your project requirement for a free price quotation.