Data Entry for Medical and Health Industry

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Medical Data Entry Needs? We meet every data entry need for medical industry providing data strategies and data entry solutions.

Due to litigious accountability and other data retention requirements, as well as increased patient expectations, the health industry data entry needs have become out of control over the past decade. Thankfully our data entry firm has kept up with increased demands and can offer you excellence in speed, accuracy and an assortment of data entry, data solutions, and data management. We are the leading outsource partner in creative and intelligent data solutions. Our ability to capture data from critical documents with complete respect to sensitive data means that your hospital, patient, clinical, and historical records will be easily updated to state of the art databases, allowing you the ultimate in a professional and well-oiled medical machine. Your patients and staff will be grateful for the streamlined service that we offer as they will be able to excel in the core business goals.

Database Creation, Intelligent Data Sets, and Data Cleansing Services

We transfer gluggy and outdated data housing into precise solutions and easy to access data sets. We can help you:

  • Maintain quality and comprehensive patient records, medical histories, and profiles.
  • Link invaluable information for key networks, specialists and pharmaceutical partners.
  • Develop tailor made databases for hospitals, private and public practices.
  • Create powerful data capture mechanisms for clinic or specialty visits.
  • Link healthcare providers with live research and development options industrywide.
  • Translate traditional, archived, and handwritten documents to clear online formats.

Secure and Transparent – We are your ideal outsourcing data partner.

Data safety and protection is of paramount importance to us. We have developed comprehensive data security mechanisms inhouse, including a detailed instruction and training module that is provided to every member of our team. We are attracted to employ staff that excel in their field and are highly competent. We find the diligence and devotion to their product means that every team member embraces the concept of client confidentiality. In the worst case scenario, a breach of this code of conduct is a dismissible offence. Thankfully we have never had to deal with breaches in our security as we carefully screen for the best and most qualified staff.

Our Data Entry Team

Our company is divided cleverly into branches and teams. Each group is led by the Resource Manager (RM) who remains regularly in touch with you to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Our data entry team members are selected because of their remarkable speed and agility, particularly when dealing with substantial amounts of raw data or difficult to read data. They are king at data upload, translation and entry. We provide the team with absolutely every bell and whistle, they have state of the art scanners, equipment, calculators, and software or technology applications. Their accuracy is remarkable and the team themselves often come up with strategies to improve. They want to be the best in the world for data entry.

Data Management and Process Services

Our data cleansing and enrichment service, and speed with which we will verify, validate, and standardize your data will impress every time. We are able to make dramatic change to your data retrieval speed and agility with nifty data solutions such as image digitalization and tagging. We identify error, incomplete or duplicate information and redundant information quickly and can merge or migrate masses of bulk data and raw data into clear, clean, and fresh new databases. We can process all of your medical and health records, files, and forms. When working with us you will quickly appreciate our turnaround time, confidence, respectful and transparent ethos, and best of all – great rates!

Hope you have learned about us a lot, now the time to experience us. We provide free trial for offline data entry service to reduce your risk while outsourcing. Rich out to us with your project requirement for a free price quotation.