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Outsource Data Annotation Services

Leading businesses across various sectors can annotate their data with our help and achieve their AI goals of performing high-quality tasks like labeling and tagging at a reasonable price and getting the best value for their investment.

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Unleash the Power of AI with Our Data Annotation Services

Do you find it difficult to accurately annotate the text, pictures, audio, and video you use to train your artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models? To improve your AI and ML, are you looking for the best training data? Are you seeking a robust solution for sentiment analysis, entity linking, syntactic tagging, text categorization, and computer vision? Our top-notch data annotation services will benefit you if that’s the case. Businesses can extract valuable information from numerous datasets to outsource the data annotation services from us.

Data Annotation
Data Annotation

Our Data Annotation Expertise

As a top business partner for organizations in the healthcare, retail, financial, and automotive sectors, we are well-known on a global scale. Our domain experts, equipped with cutting-edge technology, specialize in working with unstructured, raw data to produce high-quality information. Additionally, our data annotation service has the power to provide outstanding customer experiences.

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Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

The Targeted Data Annotation Service by Us

You can get help with all of your data annotation needs from us. Our annotation specialists accurately tag the information you need to train your models, whether critical images or complex documents. Some of our popular data annotation services are-

Image Processing/Annotation Services

Manually annotating data produces more precise and higher-quality data than automated annotation. For services such as 2D bounding boxes, polygons, semantic segmentation, labeling, and point and landmark annotation, we engage specialists with the requisite expertise to ensure a high-quality machine-learning experience. Our experts analyze images for machines to perceive the world as humans do.

Image Processing
Speech Recognition Services

Speech Recognition Services

Companies that require online speech recognition technology should consider our voice recognition services. You can write documents, operate various devices, and retrieve information using only voice input if you have a team that can translate audio. We’ll assist you in keeping up with this well-liked trend. Ensure the terminology in your speech models is appropriate for the organization and industry. Overcome obstacles to speech recognition like specific vocabulary, accents, or background noise.

Text Annotation Services

It is best to assign a team of our data annotation experts to handle the organization and processing of large files and collections of files. Our teams are experts in sentiment analysis, name-entity recognition, relationship extraction, text categorization and classification, and keyword tagging. We offer cognitive text labeling services using our patented text labeling tools, which enable businesses to find valuable information in unstructured text. The ability to annotate text is helpful for the machine to comprehend human language.

Text Annotation
Video Annotation

Video Annotation Services

With the top computer vision annotation tools, our data annotators are highly skilled. After finishing the annotation, we will annotate your videos by splitting them into sets of frames and assembling them back together. We offer static object tracking for quick video labeling. We will pair you with the best annotators to ensure accurate object tracking and video annotation. Their skills determine the quality of the annotations. Our team collaborates with the client to calibrate work quality and throughput to deliver the best cost-quality ratio over time.

Semantic Segmentation Services

Segmenting and annotating images at the pixel level is known as “semantic segmentation” or “semantic analysis.” Robotics, drones, and self-driving cars use the datasets from this service. An image can be divided into segments using the computerized image segmentation technique, which uses different pixel types in each part. Advanced image processing and PC vision use it. The section aims to rearrange and transform a picture’s representation into a more significant and straightforward investigation.

Semantic Segmentation

3D Lidar Services

For all varieties of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging), object tracking across frames in 3D point clouds is made possible by 3D LiDAR annotation or point cloud labeling. Various products utilize the technology, including autonomous vehicles, drones, maps, and agricultural technology. LiDAR performs at a very high level of autonomy, making it the most crucial component of any autonomous vehicle. Point cloud labeling is pivotal in using deep learning algorithms for labeling a substantial amount of training data.

Services for Conversational AI

We offer top-notch datasets that your chatbots and virtual assistants can use as training data. You can create powerful conversational solutions with the help of our robust data. Our services allow your virtual assistants and chatbots to interact seamlessly with humans. We provide high-quality datasets from our comprehensive knowledge of conversational AI datasets and pertinent technologies that are incredibly efficient in preparing chatbots or virtual assistants for natural conversation.

Conversational AI

Our Data Annotation for Every Industry, with Excellence

Many industries use our data annotation services with business models based on machine learning or artificial intelligence. Most of them are covered by us with the same level of commitment and excellence, from eCommerce to retail and healthcare.

Benefits of Outsourcing Our Service for Data Annotation Services

We provide the industry’s top annotation services and can assist you in meeting various data annotation needs. Companies and organizations looking for high-quality data training for projects based on artificial intelligence and machine learning should consider our services because they are cost-effective and ideal. Your AI projects will be successful with our managed team’s assistance, and you’ll have the freedom to scale efficiently. Our services offer several additional advantages, such as-

Data Protection

Our group knows the value some businesses place on confidentiality when sharing sensitive data and outsourcing employees. We will protect your personal information and ensure that it remains confidential. We will not share it with anyone outside of our company. Our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is trustworthy based on the ISO 27001 standard.

Multiple Language Support

Because most of our clients operate globally, their customer care representatives must simultaneously speak several languages. Though difficult to find, we can locate multilingual experts. Create a team of experts fluent in various languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, German, Polish, French, and Ukrainian.

Quality Control

The quality ranges from 95 to 99%, depending on the client’s needs. Our outsourcing company employs only tried-and-true quality management methods and control metrics. Thanks to our quality assurance team, every project is finished to the highest professional standards.

Entire Teams

When we say we’ll assemble a team for you, we’ll procure every specialist you require. For instance, it’s unnecessary to look for a project manager and a retention manager separately. All of your business needs can be satisfied by our experts.

Cheap Prices

The cost of internal staff is high. Your business might need to employ more managers to direct other teams, pay them more, and provide them with more workspace and equipment. We provide reasonably priced remote units to help you save money.

Large and Small Projects

Both small businesses and established corporations are welcome to receive assistance from our outsourcing firm. With our help, your team can grow from 10 to more than 1000 members. Because of our extensive background in this area, it will take a little bit of time. We consistently provide our services on schedule.

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Process Flow for Our Data Annotation Services

To create a high-quality dataset for your machine learning and artificial intelligence training models, we are one of the leading providers of data annotation services that can help you precisely label and categorize your data. When you outsource the service to us, our company follows a methodical approach, which we have outlined below –

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We use various quality assurance measures, including annotator training, inter-annotator agreement checks, and quality checks at different stages of the annotation process.

Yes, we have the expertise and experience to handle complex annotation tasks like object detection or semantic segmentation.

We have various processes for handling corrections or revisions to annotations, including a designated review stage, access to an online platform for submitting corrections, or direct communication with the annotator or project manager.

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Flexibility, tech-savvy talent, and quick scalability are areas where we compete. We firmly believe that even the most cutting-edge AI algorithms can solve common issues with appropriate data. Consistently learnable data is the best competitive advantage that businesses can have, even though having access to data is always valuable.

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