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Data Annotation Services

Seeking high-quality training data for developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) models? Your search ends here. We offer low-cost data annotation services for diverse business purposes. We aim to simplify the annotation process by utilizing our human intelligence to label the training data.

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Get Accurate & Precise Labeled Data

Global companies are now focusing more on the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance operational capacity. To develop a successful AI model, the smooth integration of labeled data is a must. Machine Learning (ML) models, which are the core properties of AI development, need accurately labeled data. However, it’s a time-consuming process to annotate data with accurate labeling. Also, it demands meticulous attention while dealing with the work. For AI development companies, it becomes hectic to supply a huge amount of labeled data with precision. Therefore, we as an outsourcing service provider help companies with our meticulous data annotation services. Expect 99.9% accurate annotated data from us along with on-time delivery.





Data Annotation

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

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Tailored Data Annotation Service Offerings

Data annotation is a board subject that includes many subsidiary domains. As an expert data annotator company, we wholeheartedly cover a few areas of this spectrum. Our team mainly covers the following domains when it comes to delivering outsourcing data annotation solutions;

Image Annotation

Annotated image data helps develop computer vision models. With the help of cutting-edge tools, we annotate precise image data for developing AI computer vision models.


Speech Recognition

Get accurate translation of audio data with our expert help that promises 100% precision. Our team has gained expertise in annotating voice to help develop speech recognition ML models.

Text Annotation

Engage our experts for text annotation, text categorization, text classification, keyword tagging, and other work. Interestingly, our cognitive data annotating solutions extract information from unstructured texts.

Video Annotation

Annotating videos is a multiple-step process. Thus, our experts split videos into multiple frames at first, annotate them second, and finally, assemble them. We provide quick video labeling with static object tracking.

Semantic Segmentation

At an advanced level of computer vision, semantic segmentation of images comes under consideration. We segment images using the right techniques to help develop advanced computer vision technology including self-driving cars, drones, etc.

Landmark Annotation

Using applications like CVAT, we annotate landmark data precisely. Besides, we engage our conversation data annotation process here to improve AI’s object recognition capacity. We focus more on increasing AI models’ overall performance.

Expect us to deliver annotated data in any format on time. Let us help you with this, but first schedule your call now!

Industries We Cover

  • Staffing and Recruiting
  • Robotics & Industrial Automation
  • Information Technologies
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • E-commerce & Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Social Media
  • Security
  • Agriculture

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Annotation Services to Us

For the last 9 years, we have been dominating the industry with our precise human-annotated data services. As a seasoned outsourcing service provider, we are capable of fulfilling diverse data annotation demands. Besides this, our services cover some additional benefits, which are;

Data Protection

Data confidentiality is paramount to us. Plus, our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is trustworthy based on the ISO 27001 standard.

Competitive Pricing

Hiring internal staff costs you heavily. Comparatively, outsourcing your annotation demand to us costs you less and ensures more accuracy.

Quality Control

Following tried-and-true quality control parameters immensely helped us get 99.9% accuracy in data annotation.

Dedicated Teams

Get a dedicated team from our end when you brief your project to us. This dedicated team will include experts, project managers, QC experts, etc.

Multiple Language Support

Hire our team of experts fluent in annotating data in various languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, German, Polish, French, and Ukrainian.

Robust Project Scaling

Depending upon the requirements of your project, we scale up or down our operations. Additionally, we always help you scale up your AI/ML development projects.

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Client Experiences


Partnering with AskDataEntry has transformed our data annotation experience. Their attention to detail and commitment to accuracy have significantly enhanced our AI initiatives. The team’s professionalism and timely delivery make them a reliable choice. AskDataEntry is more than a service provider; they are a strategic ally in our journey toward data-driven excellence. Grateful for their expertise and seamless collaboration.

Melin P., Operation Head of an Auto Manufacturing Company

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