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Copy paste data entry is always time killing process but each and every business executive like you need this for day to day activity. But you can outsource copy paste service if you want to save your time and money. Worried how to explain what you need? Relax, this is very common service and we know what what we have to do. But we are open to listen your custom requirement, like what data need to copy paste and what not. For most of the cases you have some pdf files or website url with data like email, postal address, phone or other mode of contact information or contact person name even sometime some financial data. And you need us to copy paste those require data fields in a structural way on a excel or CSV formatted file for easy access.

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Copy Paste Data Entry

Copy Paste Data from Website

Getting important data from website in a structural way is very important for marketing segment. We are here to help with getting those data for a cost effective way. Even sometime data can be accessed by specific geographically located visitor, right? We have private VPN to overcome from this situation.

Copy Paste Data Entry between Different Formatted files

Similarly if you have several databases and data structure and each file differ from another file and you need all of the data in a same structural way for easy import on your CMS or CRM system.

Copy Paste Data from email to a Excel file

Even some cases you have tons of email with potential customer data or key critical business contact information. We can help you to organise those data on an excel file or to any format you desire.

Copy Paste Element from CV

Finally from a HR perspective it’s tremendous task to organise CV for potential candidates. Again for this cases too our service can help you to save time. Now a days most of the HR team use HRMS to organise those candidate data for future access we are here to give you end to end solution for data entry to data management. You don’t have to look up for another company to get done another part of the task.

Now probably you are thinking about to outsource copy paste service?

Great, AskDataEntry is a dedicated firm to give you error free result. It doesn;t matter whether your requirement is small or large. We have couple of thousands of customers around the world with 86% customer retention rate. We are expert to deal with any type of source data formats either from one or multiple resources with top level of assurance for error free & quick turnaround time. Following are some unparalleled key benefits :

Affordable Copy Paste Service Pricing

We know project requirement vary from business to business. So we don’t have any fixed pricing, but we have 2 pricing model. One is hourly pricing model which is based on the total hour require to complete project. And the other one is fixed price model where we can provide a fixed price for the entire project after reviewing the project.

Promising Turnaround Time

We have a well structured hierarchy to draw a complete project life cycle from the day one, this is the only key for us to deliver projects on time.

Data Security

To make things transparent we prefer to sign NDA (Non-disclosure Agreements) before commencement of project.


From day one you can experience how transparent we are. Mode of communication is as per your preference, we are available on all channel either on phone, email, live chat or video conference. Just let us know what platform you are reliable with.

Hope you have learned about us a lot, now the time to experience us. We provide free trial for copy paste data entry service to reduce your risk while outsourcing. Rich out to us with your project requirement for a free price quotation.