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AskDataEntry gauges the success of each client engagement based on its capacity to address particular data entry problems in accordance with detailed client requirements. We achieve success alongside our client’s success.

eCommerce Product Data Entry and Enrichment

eCommerce Product Data Entry & Enrichment

An electrical products catalog is being updated, researched, enriched, cleaned, and regularly refreshed.

Distributor of electrical goods with a US-based corporate headquarters that sold electrical products.

CRM Data Entry Services for Sourcing and Managing Job Postings for a Healthcare Recruitment Firm

CRM Data Entry Service

Lead Scoring of more than 70,000 accounts of potential customers for a software company.

Software company with over 1,000 enterprise customers in the manufacturing vertical.

Insurance Claim Processing Services for a Healthcare Company

Insurance Claim Processing Service

Controlling the entire insurance claim process, from data entry to qualification.

Healthcare organization with rapid expansion, serving over 1 million patients.

Secured and Reliable Invoice Processing Services for Healthcare Industry

Invoice Processing Services

Managing the invoice processing services for a medical device eCommerce company.

Operates a complete e-commerce exchange between hospitals and suppliers.

Market Research and Data Collection Service for an Industrial Equipment and Inventory Marketplace

Market Research and Data Collection Service

Identifying and evaluating potential bidders for industrial equipment auctions.

Online marketplace with a public trading price for surplus industrial supplies.

Human Resource Data Entry Services for a Boutique Technical Recruitment Firm

Human Resource Data Entry Service

Assisting hiring professionals in locating the best candidates.

Recruiting agency with a strong internal recruiting team that specializes in technical/IT positions.

AskDataEntry Provides Content Moderation Services for a Clothing Company

Content Moderation Services

User comments for a clothing company are modified with the help of our experts.

The new company sells shoes and clothes that are stylish and appropriate for the season.

Data Cleansing and Enriching an Alumni Database

Data Cleansing and Enriching Services

Researching, cleansing, enriching, and updating contact information as well as other specifics on college alumni.

Had a prestigious alumni network of more than 300,000 active alumni from 20 top universities.

Data Annotation and Monitoring for A Smart Parking App Solution

Data Annotation and Monitoring Services

Annotate the parking data as quickly and precisely as possible.

An innovative tech company is working to find a parking solution for cities.

Working Procedure of AskDataEntry

Market Research and Data Collection Service

Research and Data Collection Services

Building a back-end database by researching, mining, and adding rental property listings.

With more than 3 million apartments listed on their platform, an apartment listing aggregator.

CRM Data Entry Services

CRM Data Entry Services

Sourcing, controlling, and adding job postings and open requests to a back-end database.

Leading healthcare recruitment company with over 80 recruiters.

eCommerce Product Data Entry & Enrichment Services to a Furniture Company

eCommerce Product Data Entry & Enrichment

Update, research, enhance, clean, and regularly refresh the furniture product catalog.

Custom mahogany furniture supplier for retail stores, restaurants, and other spaces.

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