Outsource Bulk Large Volume Data Entry

We bring crisp and clear innovation to large data entry outsourcing.

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We provide exceptional turnaround time with absolute accuracy every time. Our clients come back to us again and again because when they work with us they experience a seamless and smooth data upload and transfer. Even for excessive and large raw data to clever and well-structured data sets.

No matter how chaotic your data is right now we are superior at organizing and creating masterful results for you at lightning speed. Our data strategies are multifaceted and innovative. In no time at all you will have datasets that are ‘live’, easy to retrieve and perfectly organized.

Bulk Data Upload in No Time

For the past decade India has provided the best outsource data partnership options. This is because our teams are full of quality, highly qualified staff dedicated to excellence. AskDataEntry has provided countless global organizations data entry genius for over ten years. And within our team there are Resource Managers who were the forefathers of this fast moving industry!

Wide Spectrum of Database Development on Multiple Platforms

What can we do? With few boundaries, there isn’t much we can’t do! Your will find our database analysis, design, and development to be exceptional. We provide innovative data solutions using:

  • Oracle, MS-SQL, IBM, and MySQL.
  • Development of ASP, CGI, PHP, PERL Inherited Applications Based on Web.
  • Development of Index Strategies.
  • Better Storage Procedures.
  • Determining User Requirement Analysis.
  • Superior and Elegant Database Design.
  • Better Storage Procedures including Backup and Recovery Modalities.
Our Database Migration Services

We are dedicated to excellence and will deliver an exhaustive and comprehensive approach to solving your database migration. This includes:

  • Analyze and Define Source Structure.
  • Analyze and Define Target Database Structure.
  • Superior Field Mapping Service.
  • Implement Swift and Accurate Migration.
  • Migrate Platforms from one Platform to Another or Within Same Platforms.
Effective Migration to Better Data Sets

If you are experiencing hold-up and wasted time due to dysfunctional datasets, let us take a look. We can streamline your data sets. Creating a better fit for your data entry and data retraction rates. Your staff can be genius but unless you are getting the ‘Data Monkey’ off their back. There is only so much that they can do for optimum operation.

Great Packages and Options for High Speed Data Production

We will merge, cleanse, and enrich your data with extraordinary speed. Meaning it will cost you very little to get strong and dependable results. We are flexible in our packages or the style with which we provide outsourcing partnerships. AskDataEntry offer you a full time assistant through our Virtual Assistant (VA), or a behind the scenes team that follows your instructions to get the job done on your behalf.

Rich out to us with your project requirement for a free trial & price quotation.