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The data revolution has no doubt opened up several boundaries and possibilities for businesses around the world. The impact that quality data has on businesses cannot be overlook as it is gradually becoming one of the backbone of a successful business and many companies are beginning to leverage on its strength. For many business that are willing to get quality data entry services they are usually faced with one singular problem which is cost. Many businesses are unable to bear the high fees being charged by these data entry service providers out there. You would agree with me that getting quality job done at affordable prices is always a welcomed idea. Even that you won’t want to pass on. So in this blog, we have taken the pain to put together a list of where you can get cheap data entry services without compromising on the quality.

If your company cannot afford to hire an in house data entry expert at the moment, then your best bet is to outsource your data entry tasks. There are several data entry outsourcing companies, independent freelancers, agencies and experts who offer cheap data entry services. Now it’s your turn to choose to choose between data entry company or a freelancer you want to go with.

Before you decide to pick any data entry service provider to take care of your task, there are a certain factors that you should put into consideration as they would determine if you have made the right or wrong decisions.



The first thing to look out for in any right data entry outsourcing company or individuals is to check their track records of excellence. Any outsourcing agent or freelancer that doesn’t have a great history of great excellence should be taken off your list. The success of your business depends on the quality of your data entry. Data entry service such as data cleansing takes at least 48 hours depending on the volume and level of dirt in your data. A data entry service provider that takes forever to turn in work is not ideal for your business.

Also, your preferred data entry service provider should be very accurate in their services. As you don’t want them feeding you the data that belongs to Mr A as that of Mr B. Ensure that they have a track record of delivering accurate data.


This is the main bone of contention in this piece. Although it is nice that you should get the cheap data entry services. But you need to be very much careful so that in your bid to reduce cost. And you don’t also reduce the quality of the services you are getting. You should understand that by choosing to outsource in the first place. As you have already cut cost because you wouldn’t have to purchase equipment and materials. So when looking out to hire someone for data entry, you be mindful that data entry service providers offering ridiculously low prices may not be offering the best services as regards quality.

That being said lets now take a look at some popular places where you can hire cheap data entry services.


Freelance platforms gives you access to a large pool of talents. And experts in the data entry niche around the world. You can easily browse through a list of several freelancers and choose one that catches your fancy. There are a several freelance platforms that you can make use of. For a data entry expert and some of them includes,, and a host of many others.

Fiverr is a freelance platform that allows freelancer around the world to create a profile with their respective skills, then companies and individuals who need their skillset can reach out to them for discussion. You can hire a freelancer for as low as $5 which is where the platform got its name from. For companies looking for cheap data entry services, you will find several profiles from several countries offering these services. The fiverr platform has a review system. Whereby previous buyers who had bought the freelancers services can leave a comment on their experience with the freelancer. One major advantage of the fiverr platform is that you have access to a very large pool of freelancers. While the disadvantage is that quality might be low due to the very low fees.

Upwork formerly known as Odesk is the largest freelance platform in world. They have over 10 million active users around the world. Although similar to fiverr, there have difference between the two freelance platforms. That is freelancers are made to search through a pool of available jobs and then they can send proposals to which ever one suits them. So as a company seeking data entry expert, you would have to post a request. That usually called projects with your requirements and budget then wait for freelancers to reach out to you with their proposal.


This is also a typical freelance platform with operations similar to that of You are required to post a project as a buyer. And then wait for proposals from freelancers usually called the sellers. You might receive several proposals from freelancers which you have to go through. And in order to be able to choose the one that fits perfectly in your requirements. You can also take a look at their previous ratings and feedbacks from buyers who have previously used their services.

Having discussed the three major freelance platforms where you can get cheap data entry services it is important for you to note that, your best bet for quality data entry service is to outsource to agencies that are dedicated to data entry. Agencies such as Ask Data Entry would provide you with top notch data entry services at very affordable rate. You can be sure of getting the best results from these agencies because that is their area of specialty and they would have had several years of experience.

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