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Data Entry is a particular process that requires a professional touch or what people refer to as skilled hands. Do you think any individual who have some basic knowledge about data entry is good fit for your project? It should be handled by experts and professionals. When it comes to data entry services, every firm always has two major options. These options are a Data Entry Company or a freelancer.

What Is A Data Entry Company?

Just like any company, It’s an organization that specially handles data entry operations. It employs and hires staff that will aid the clients of the company in handling data entry situations. Data entry companies are basically group of experts that know everything about data entry. The data entry company doesn’t necessarily have to be a company like others. It is a special type of company that basically handles all the data entry services for clients. These types of companies hire different professional and qualified data entry operators to handle its clients. Data Entry Companies serve as data entry operators for different firms and big names in the market.

They handle key data entry duties and responsibilities. You can call them as a data entry specialists. As a perfect data entry company we make sure to handle the different parameters relating to data entry and have different staff to handle a variety of issues. The data entry company will help to update and maintain the information on the client database. It will also handle input of information into the computer systems of the client. They will also ensure that there is accurate, usable and up-to-date information on the client’s database.

Data entry companies has many responsibilities. These are includes :

Input of information into client data base :

They make sure to enter all the customer and account data into the client database. These pieces of information would be gotten from different source documents and are to be uploaded with a time limit.

Handling of client information :

When you are dealing with a company be assure that your information is at safe hand. There have expert team who are responsible for compilation, verification and sorting of the information.

Maintenance of client information and database :

Team will regularly update and check the client database to ensure that there are no abnormalities or errors. They are responsible for reviewing company data for any form of deficiencies. Whenever any errors are found, they would regulate the incompatibilities and ensure that output is not affected.

Who is a Competitive Freelancer?

This is another option for clients who are in need of a data entry personnel. Freelancers are individuals who offer out their services to different clients for an agreed fee. The freelance data entry operator is also capable of handling all data operation services. However, the freelancer consists of a single individual. This means the data entry operator would handle things on a much smaller scale than a company. Freelance data entry operators are private individuals that have minimal professionalism and qualification in handling data entry.

They are sole individuals that take up the job of a data entry company with the aim of getting tokens from the work done. They are total strangers who have an idea of the work format of data entry. Although as a freelancer they will be best possible outcome they can bring but you can’t be assure about perfection. Client who use these option of freelance have to take the time to explain again and again, what they expect from these freelancer. They are like substitute for a original product when it is not affordable. As a freelancer they might offer a cheaper price than a data entry company but the services rendered are also cheap compared to them.

A competitive freelancer is capable of handling virtually everything a data entry company can handle but on a much smaller scale with less professionalism. They also have a good number of responsibilities which they perform :
  • Virtually, you can give information and image data to a freelancer and expect them to gather more information from different sources. Report from a data entry company will be much more professional and exact compare to any freelancer. But as a competitive freelance, he would try his best to gather as much as he can to give satisfaction to his client. There have lot’s of benefits of hiring a virtual assistant for data entry.
  • Your freelance data entry operator should be able to ensure that all instruction is properly dealt with. Although the privacy of the your information is not guaranteed, this stranger is the one responsible for compilation and sorting of the information. If the data entry is a little bit bulky, his management of the data might be irrepressible. And of course that’s what a data entry company is good at.
  • As a freelancer, he would try to help client manage their database and check for data repairs. But at such, hundred percent assurance of repairs and maintenance is not promised because it is a sole business and he would have much workload to cover. As such, he would not be able to promise efficient handling of client’s database. For a error free and transparent outsourcing you must have to hire a online data entry service provider.

Comparison Between The Data Entry Company And Freelance Data Entry Operator

The Data Entry Company and the Freelance Data Entry Operator represent the two major options for different clients who need data entry services. They both perform similar responsibilities. However, the Data Entry Company edges out the freelance operator in different areas. Still need more guide to outsource data entry service – check those following key point.

Effectiveness and Efficiency :

The data entry company consists of different members of staff. And as a data entry firm it’s easier to allocate multiple operator over different task. The higher number of staff which is available to a data entry company means that they would achieve tasks faster and more accurately. The freelance data entry operator consists of only one individual who can’t match their efficiency and effectiveness.

Increased Workload :

The data entry company is able to handle a higher number of tasks than the freelance data entry operators. A lot of freelance data entry operators handle tasks one after the other. However, the data entry organization is capable of handling a large number of tasks at once.

Decrease in Errors :

As a data entry company screening and monitoring each of the data element is a very common practise. This reduces the likelihood of any error occurring. However, most data entry operators engage in tasks personally. They often tend to miss some errors in their work.

Reliability :

In very clear terms, the data entry company is more reliable than the freelance data entry operator. Most of the data entry company accept NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to make you more comfortable with data security. So they are more more accountable for any discrepancies or loss in information, as they are professionals.

Data Entry is very important yet quite difficult. And you have both of the option either data entry company or a freelancer, choose according to your need. Regardless of the benefits of freelance data operators, data entry companies still provide an increased number of benefits for clients. We at AskDataEntry provide free trial for all of our services, so fell free to have a discussion with our team. We are recognized as a top Data Entry Company on DesignRush.

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