The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant for data entry

No plan for hiring a virtual assistant for data entry? Learn why you should. Data entry has a formed the backbone of business since the data explosion but data entry can turn to be a daunting task because it is time consuming and sometimes tiring. Many business owners do not have the luxury of time to carefully work on these data entry tasks which creates a need for virtual assistants that can help with these tasks.

The same way you feel when you someone lends you a hand with a task you are trying to do all on your own is the same way your business feels when you eventually hire a virtual assistant to take care of all data entry tasks. There are several benefits that you stand to derive from hiring a virtual assistant for your data entry tasks and some of them will be discussed in this article.

There are several data entry tasks that you can assign to the virtual assistant some of which includes :

Data Entry

This task requires the virtual assistant to accurately input data into your data base and these data may include survey results, sales plan, customer information, advertising statistics and several others. Although. The skills needed to perform these task by the virtual assistant is attention to details and accuracy in order to ensure that data entered is good.

Data Conversion

Sometimes the format by which raw data is received maybe the different from the conventional format that your company uses; the virtual assistant for data entry is then saddled with the responsibility of converting these data from the raw format into the acceptable format. In order to this effectively, virtual assistants for data entry must be aware of the several data format available and how to convert them.

Data Processing

Data in its raw form is of no particular use for your business; therefore it is necessary that you carry out data processing for the data to be useable. The virtual assistant for data entry should be well versed in carrying out data processing with the aid of the several data processing and conversion software available in the market.

Data Management

Virtual assistance for data entry that you hire should be able to manage your data and data base effectively. Data management requires the virtual assistant to maintain your database which may include details of clients, sales records, name of distributors and other sensitive information. The virtual assistant for data entry should demonstrate a great management ability in order to keep your data base clean and well arranged.

Data Transcription

Data transcription is one very important business tool that requires you to convert audio or video files into text files that can be studied or written as a code. These files when converted will form a necessary and important component of your business qualitative research. Your virtual assistant for data entry should be well versed in the handling of transcription software and techniques. He should also be able to ensure the accuracy of the transcribed data.

Data Typing

Data typing is a core data entry task that virtual assistants can help carry out. This involves entering data with command lines and codes. The virtual assistance would also have a high word per minute (wpm) typing score with the average score standing at about 30wpm.

Now that we have highlighted the types of data entry task that a virtual assistant for data entry can carry out, let’s see how they can benefit your business.

  • You only pay for the task done:

    When you hire a virtual assistant for data entry, you only pay for the service rendered unlike when you have an in house expert that receives salary at the end of the month. When there are no task to complete the virtual assistant is left alone and he doesn’t receive a payment but an in house expert will request for his salary at the end of the month whether or not there are tasks to be completed or not.

  • Allow you to focus on core business activities:

    When you engage the services of a virtual assistant, you are able to take the burden of those data entry task off your neck and you can easily focus on other core business activities. This increases your team productivity and business growth.

  • Helps you to receive quality services at a reduced costs:

    Hiring a virtual assistant gives you access to world class services at a reduced cost because these virtual assistants are well equipped with years of experience to give you quality data entry services. You can checkout one of our article about how remote data entry could save you money and time.

  • Allow you to have a balanced work-life:

    Asides from helping you free your time so you can concentrate on core business activities, hiring a virtual assistant for data entry also help you free your time for family and friends. You can always leave work early and head home to family once you are done with your daily business tasks. Hiring virtual assistant definitely the best descission for small to large all business.

When should you hire a virtual assistant for data entry tasks?

You should begin to consider hiring a virtual assistant for data entry the moment you begin to notice that you are spending less time on core business activities than you spend on administrative activities such as responding to mails, hotel bookings, travel reservations, compiling and filling business reports and a host of other activities.

The moment you notice that you need to complete these tasks regularly or on a daily basis then you hire a virtual assistant. The moment you realize that there are tasks that needs to be done but not on a full time basis, your best bet is to turn towards hiring a virtual assistant that you can pay per work done, this would help you get work done and still save cost.

Hiring a virtual assistant to assist with your data entry tasks is a step in the right direction for your business which in the long run benefits your business greatly. If you are still not sure how to go about it, speak to a professional right now.

author: Joydeep
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