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The e-Commerce industry is one of the leading industries in the world. With more and more customers turning to online shopping, it is easier than before to reach out to a target audience for selling a product. Most essential items along with other goods and services are now at everyone’s disposal. The investment required in online platforms to set up a business is quite minimal. It is the primary reason for the increasing number of entrepreneurs in every sector. However, setting up a website or continuing to sell from a specific platform is not enough. Continuous reviewing and remodelling of the business are essential to avoid stagnancy in sales.

Sometimes remodeling an e-Commerce business can also mean migrating to a better platform with better features. The step to re-platform is very intimidating. Most business owners worry about moving the huge quantity of data, the cost involved, and ultimately, question the worth of the step. Some choose to refrain from taking the step forward. But the ones who do, with a proper plan, are the ones with the higher turnovers at the end of the financial year.

To facilitate and ease the process of data migration, many organizations provide Product Data Migration Services.


Data Migration is the process of moving data from one platform to another. When we talk about Product Data Migration Services, we focus on the movement of data on an e-Commerce website. The data may include important information like Customer and product details. These services transfer the data with zero loss and also, make sure that the SEO value is intact.


Migrating platforms is an important decision. Also, it is a very cumbersome task. So, it is necessary to understand when migration is required.


When we start a business, we often look for inexpensive or free software to save on investment. However, this software often lacks advanced features. They can get outdated after some time too. Outdated software lacks security features and is not great on User Interface and User Experience, either. So, consider upgrading the platform to grow your business.


Owning a website is not enough. A lot of time and money is invested in the maintenance of the website too. Considering Cyber malware, a virus replicates itself by attaching to another file. A worm can replicate itself, independently. These factors can lead to serious cybercrimes. A platform with inadequate security features will need constant monitoring for any security breach. More developers need to be employed for this purpose. Thus, maintenance costs rise exponentially.


Many merchants spend a considerable amount on Subscription fees, hosting cost, security expenses, employing teams of developers, and maintenance. Analyze your budget carefully and compare it with other platforms. Calculate your expenditure and see if you are paying more for basic features.


Some businesses sell across different platforms. In such cases, it is very important that the sites are in sync with one another and the transactions are carried out seamlessly. Automation of such a business requires strong integration facilities. Not all e-Commerce platforms can handle multichannel integration. Therefore, understand and design the architecture of your business carefully and take the next step of up-gradation.


If your product coincides with the needs of customers, then your business can grow at an exponential rate. As traffic to your site increases and the number of customers accessing the checkout cart and browsing through your e-Commerce platform increases, the platform which you are using, should also be able to scale accordingly. In such a case, upgrade to a better platform without any inhibitions.


Phishing, spyware, and social engineering are security attacks that collect network and user information. Sometimes, a web server might experience an abnormally high number of web page requests from different locations simultaneously. This condition signifies that the webserver is under a DDoS attack. A platform that lacks the correct checkpoints can compromise the sensitive data of the business that also includes customers’ information. It makes the e-Commerce website very vulnerable to further cyber-attacks.

In such a case, upgrade to a better platform that employs encryption methods like AES-256, to secure your business. Prioritize migration in such cases.


If a site is unattractive or is unresponsive, it can severely affect the sales of an online business. Customer dissatisfaction is the primary cause of the downfall of a business. Most shoppers online are used to the User-friendly interface of global companies like Amazon. So, try to invest in a platform with better features like an integrated checkout cart and the payment gateway, which will increase the inflow of traffic. Migrating to a better platform is the better choice.

Now, That We Have Taken A Look Into The Various Factors That Might Lead To Using Product Data Migration Services, Let Us Look Into Three Of The Biggest Concerns That Merchants Have About Product Data Migration.


Losing Data is the biggest fear of all merchants. Clients’ data, sales information, and other sensitive information are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. To prevent such scenarios, employing professionals is the right decision. They will back up all your data on trusted databases like MariaDB or Oracle, and use encryption techniques to ensure the secure migration of data.


A well-running online business does not consider migration for a better platform, fearing losing out on sales. However, please know that the store will not go offline during the migration process. When you employ the services of a professional, you can still run your online storefront. During this time, the professional will work on the backend of your new storefront and implement new designs and customization. Hire UI/UX designers to get a fresh perspective to make your website more attractive. The owner also has the choice of testing the new storefront first, before officially migrating all the data.


If your business is a well-ranked page, then it is quite natural to be concerned about the SEO rankings after migration. Again, analyze all the migration service providers and choose the correct one. The popular service providers move the product data while keeping the search ranking constant. It eliminates all the additional concerns about generating traffic for the new storefront.

Looking At The Above Concerns, It Can Be Easily Deduced That With The Correct Service, Any Merchant Can Overcome These Challenges.

Undoubtedly, the flexibility of an organization’s plan of action is vital to its capacity to endure. Few points should be kept in mind before going forward with the migration process:

  • Develop and design a post-launch support plan. Prevention is better than cure. So, be prepared for any mishaps.
  • Don’t try to clone your store on the new platform. Discuss and plan with the marketing and sales teams and remodel your storefront.
  • If you sell your products or services over multiple channels, then address the possible issues that the customers might face upon integration.
  • Always test your new storefront before migrating all your product data.
  • Make sure to create a backup for all your data.
  • Verify the different security checkpoints and configurations of the platform before considering it for migration.
  • Discuss with the professionals employed to optimize the Metadata.
  • Do not try to transfer the data on your own. Improper transfer can bring down the whole business in a jiffy.


Setting up a Business is not just about passion or drive. Design Thinking and Business Modelling are the keys to a successful start-up. Businesses are continuously evolving. As the line between needs and wants to keep blurring, the competition in the market is fierce! Product Data Migration is an important aspect of increasing the scalability of a business that is often overlooked by most merchants.

However, don’t take any decision by looking at other businesses or competitors. Analyze the cost of re-platforming your business. The risks associated with the migration procedure has made many business owners refrain from taking the next step. That is why it is always advised to hire professionals to carry out the migration process. If you take on an unfamiliar task of such high risk, then you are prone to committing mistakes.

A poor transfer can lead to incorrect product mapping along with erroneous customer details among other insufficiencies. Understand the intricacies of your business’ opportunities and avail them only after careful scrutiny.

Products have become more user-experience-oriented rather than market-strategized. Design thinking is now driving innovation. Imbibe quick adaptability with reliable product data migration services. Conquer the market!

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