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Client Profile

Our client’s marketplace for industrial inventory and equipment runs an online e-commerce service that links buyers and sellers of industrial inventory and equipment. The company provides a range of goods, such as equipment, tools, supplies, and spare parts. Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are the company’s main target clients. The business wants to grow its clientele and boost sales in a market where there are a number of well-established competitors.

Client’s Challenges

In addition to managing an ongoing flow of listings for industrial equipment auctions and excess inventory from its clients, our client faced staffing issues. Finding qualified buyers for the inventory/equipment and then locating the appropriate contacts at each company who would be interested in trading/purchasing the items for sale posed one of the biggest challenges.

As a result, our client requires services for data collection and market research. The goal of the research and data collection is to find opportunities for the business to expand its clientele and boost earnings. The company’s specific objectives are –

  • Recognize the requirements and preferences of the company’s current customers
  • Determine fresh target customer demographics
  • Review the market environment for competition
  • Identify the most successful marketing channels.
  • Amass information on market conditions and economic indicators.

AskDataEntry’s Customized Solution

AskDataEntry will combine primary research techniques with secondary research techniques to accomplish the aforementioned goals.

Primary Research

We conducted primary research in order to fully understand the demands and preferences of our client’s current customers and to identify new target customer segments. We employed the following as our primary research techniques –


In order to learn more about the needs, preferences, and behaviors of its current and potential customers, our business created and distributed online surveys to both groups of people. The survey asked about the kinds of equipment and inventory they bought, how often they bought, and what factors affected their buying choices. For the purpose of identifying new target customer segments, we also inquired about the respondents’ demographic data, such as age, gender, and occupation.


Additionally, in order to gain a deeper understanding of the needs, preferences, and behaviors of a sample of the company’s current clients, we interviewed them. The interviews were done over the phone or in person, and they were semi-structured to allow for free-flowing conversation.

We boost our clients to get more sales
We boost our clients to get more sales

Secondary Research

Our business carried out secondary research to assess the market’s level of competition, identify the most efficient marketing avenues, and gather information on market trends and economic indicators. The secondary research techniques employed by AskDataEntry comprise-

Market Analysis Reports

In order to comprehend market trends and competitive dynamics, we looked at market research studies on the industrial equipment and inventory market.

Competitor Analysis

To assess its competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, we also looked at their websites, social media accounts, and marketing plans.

Online Analytics

In order to identify the most successful marketing channels, we tracked website traffic, user behavior, and conversion rates using website analytics tools.

Economic Indicators

To find trends that might affect the demand for industrial equipment and inventory, we examined economic indicators like GDP, industrial production, and manufacturing output.

Our Method

AskDataEntry employed a group of full-time employees who were solely responsible for compiling extensive lists of potential buyers for inventory and equipment. The brokers representing our clients highlighted particular businesses, categories of titles and people, and other requirements that would be a good fit for each listing. In order to save the brokerage team time and effort, our team created lists of 100–200 pertinent contacts for each listing. As a result of AskDataEntry’s identified potential buyers frequently generating interest and purchases, our client began to close more deals and shorten the time that listings remained on the market.


Our client’s strategy and decision-making will be influenced by the results of our investigation and data gathering. The business will apply the knowledge gleaned from the research to –

  • Create targeted marketing initiatives to bring in new clients and keep existing ones.
  • Increase the range of products it offers to better serve emerging customer segments.
  • To better serve customers and boost conversions, the company should update its website and online platform.
  • Change their pricing policy to maintain market competition


Our industrial equipment and inventory marketplace client can gain insightful knowledge about its clients, rivals, and the market through our comprehensive research and data collection. The company may be able to make wise decisions with the aid of this information, which may result in expansion and higher earnings.

About AskDataEntry

AskDataEntry is a well-known provider of data collection and market research services with headquarters in India. It has been working with clients all over the world for more than nine years. Through our numerous delivery centers, we are renowned in the industry for offering the best data entry services with a quick turnaround time without sacrificing quality. We offer our services at competitive rates that can be altered to meet the specific needs of each client and the complexity of the project at hand. The cutting-edge technologies and modern infrastructure we have access to are what we credit for our top-notch services.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, efficient, accurate, and reasonably priced market research and data collection service provider, look no further. Reach out to us right away!

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