Human Resource Data Entry Services for a Boutique Technical Recruitment Firm

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We were having trouble keeping up with the growing amount of HR data we were gathering. At that point, we made the decision to hire a third-party company to handle our HR data entry. So, we outsource AskDataEntry’s human resource data entry services. We were very pleased with their accuracy and speedy turnaround. Because of this, we have more time to focus on tasks that are more important.

Client Background

Our client is a boutique technical recruitment firm that focuses on locating highly qualified technical talent. They collaborate with a variety of sectors, including IT, engineering, and healthcare. A small group of recruiters at the company focus on locating the best talent for their customers. They receive a sizable number of resumes, all of which must be input into their applicant tracking system (ATS). A team of internal recruiters works for our client, who annually completes several hundred searches and placements.

Client’s Challenges

The founder of our client was concerned that his recruitment team was devoting an excessive amount of time to vetting resumes and profiles, compiling lists of hiring managers and other decision-makers, and generating leads for new businesses. He desired that all of his recruiters’ attention be given to forging connections with potential new customers and candidates and successfully filling open job openings.

However, they were having trouble keeping up with the workload associated with data entry due to a lack of staff, which was having an effect on their hiring procedure. Our client previously employed research assistants to help with this work, but there were issues with morale, employee turnover, and the consistency and dependability of the work produced.

In order to improve their administrative work processing, the client wanted to streamline it. This would enable them to avoid insurance company denials and shorten collection delays for patient payment obligations. In order to achieve this goal, they made the decision to try outsourcing their non-core administrative procedures related to patient insurance claim processing. After hearing about us from a recommendation and being wowed by our company profile, they got in touch with AskDataEntry, a reputable data entry service.

AskDataEntry’s Unique Solution

The boutique technical recruitment firm made the decision to contract with AskDataEntry, a reputable data entry service provider, to complete their data entry work. A committed group of data entry experts from AskDataEntry was given this project to work on. The team was knowledgeable about using different ATS platforms and had prior experience working with clients who shared similarities.

The team set up channels of communication with the management of the recruitment agency to learn about their needs for data entry. The following procedure was decided upon –

  • 1. Email would be used by the recruitment agency to send resumes to the data entry team.
  • 2. The data entry team would take the pertinent information, including name, email, phone number, education, and work experience, and extract it from the resumes before entering it into the ATS.
  • 3. Cross-checking the information with the resumes would help the data entry team ensure the accuracy of the data.
  • 4. The ATS would be updated by the data entry team with the status of each resume.
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A secure data transfer system was set up by AskDataEntry so that the recruitment agency could send the data entry team resumes. To safeguard the privacy of the information held by the recruitment agency, AskDataEntry also put in place stringent security measures.


A successful partnership was established between AskDataEntry and a boutique technical recruitment firm. The recruitment agency was able to keep up with the data entry workload, which caused their hiring process to move along more quickly. Additionally, they observed that the quality of their data had improved, which benefited their hiring processes. The data entry team was able to keep the recruitment agency informed on the status of the resumes on a regular basis, allowing them to track their development.


It can be beneficial for businesses to concentrate on their core competencies while ensuring that their data is handled effectively by outsourcing data entry to a reputable service provider like AskDataEntry. By outsourcing data entry, the specialized technical recruitment agency was able to streamline its hiring procedure and produce data of higher quality with shorter turnaround times.

About AskDataEntry

AskDataEntry has more than 9 years of experience providing data entry services for the human resource industry and is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We can help your company become more productive because we have a sizable team of data entry specialists with a range of skill sets. By using our services, you can gain a competitive advantage over your rivals. The fact that we offer flexible pricing options and adhere to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 data management standards is just one of many factors that make us the company of choice for our clients.

Get in touch with us to receive completely personalized human resource data entry services at an exceptional price!

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We were pleased with AskDataEntry’s responsiveness and level of communication as our HR data entry service provider. They were able to adapt their services to fit our particular requirements, and the caliber of their work was excellent. We heartily endorse their services to any business looking to outsource its HR data entry requirements.

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