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Without AskDataEntry, we could not have succeeded! Your dedicated team manages our most valuable asset, a virtual inventory with over 150,000 SKUs and a quarter million images, with a dedication to quality and excellent project management abilities. AskDataEntry enjoys the challenge of keeping up with a growing online business, which allows us at Lumens to sleep soundly at night and awaken each morning with new hopes for growth.

The Client Company

The client, based in the United States, is a well-known online furniture business that specializes in creating custom mahogany furniture for homes, bars, pubs, and other establishments. They demonstrate their appreciation for their customers by granting them the freedom of high-level customization options based on design, finish, size, etc. On top of this, they welcome reviews from their clients at various stages of production, including raw material and final approval, and keep the reviews in mind to manufacture the furniture and output according to their exact requirements.

Importance of Data Entry in eCommerce

The primary goal of the e-commerce data entry task was to arrange and update their e-commerce website with accurate product images.

Challenges Faced by Client

The client had to deal with issues like –

  • The severity of the circumstance. For the previous six months, the eCommerce store had been losing money, and now time was running out. The quickest turnaround time was required for the project. If there had been any delay, our client would have had to sell his company.
  • A state of the data that has significantly decayed. The product data for our client was extremely disorganized. It needed to be improved in almost every way, including the product attributes, descriptions, and images.
  • The range of domain knowledge needed. An equally diverse spectrum of domain expertise was required to enrich our client’s product data due to the variety and heterogeneity of the products that they offer.
  • The breadth and depth of product categories. The variety and complexity of the product categories were enormous. Finding and fixing the gaps, inconsistencies, and duplications in the product data became very challenging as a result.

In order to organize their product data and images on their website by the deadline for a seamless user experience, they were seeking a skilled outsourcing partner who specialized in eCommerce product data entry and image tagging. They hired us for their project after being persuaded by AskDataEntry’s skilled team and impressive portfolio.

Custom Solution from AskDataEntry

The client provided numerous folders and links to the data and images for the furniture, and we tasked a group of eCommerce product data entry specialists with working on the project assiduously. We started working on the project after having detailed conversations with the clients to determine their exact needs. We developed a step-by-step process that went as follows –

Team Creation – We divided our product data entry professionals into some teams based on their domain expertise, which could be in furniture, lighting products, home appliances, and so on. Another team was formed to support the other teams by conducting research, gathering product attributes, and collecting data. Each group created a data enrichment strategy after conducting an exhaustive audit of the product data for its specific category.

Strategy Formation – We set out to eliminate the gaps, duplications, and inconsistencies in the product data after painstakingly identifying them. When necessary, we added definitions to the acronyms, fixed spelling errors, and standardized the weights and measures. With time-sensitive information like product prices and attributes, extra care was taken to ensure that it was current.

Project Execution – The product images were enhanced by our photo editors to make them more aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, our writers worked on the product descriptions, making them distinctive and keyword-rich.

Exceeds Client’s Expectations – The project was completed very quickly and to our client’s satisfaction, exceeding even their highest expectations. He succeeded in restoring the direction of his business. The conversion rate of his eCommerce Store quickly rose by a respectable 50%.

About AskDataEntry

AskDataEntry is one of the most popular businesses offering eCommerce product data entry services, and it employs a staff of qualified data entry professionals. We offer a range of eCommerce businesses in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and other European nations high-quality data entry support for updating product images, descriptions, SKU codes, image meta tags, discounts, offers, coupons, and price tagging, among other things.

You can outsource your eCommerce data entry needs to us. Concentrate on growing your business while we update the product database on your website. For more information on our offerings and how we can help you, get in touch with us.

Jim K. Thompson

Finding a business to assist me with the e-commerce product categorization on my website was something I was really struggling with. Due to poor management of the products on our website, I suffered significant business losses. At that point, I learned about AskDataEntry. I was a little hesitant at first to work with a company that was miles away from me, but the company’s sample work allayed all of my worries. They completed all of my work for me; AskDataEntry Web Services did an excellent job, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

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