AskDataEntryProvides eCommerce Product Data Entry and Enrichment Services for an Electrical Product Distributor

Susan Wojcicki
(Project Manager of a Manufacturing Company)

We were having trouble managing our sizable product catalog, and it was challenging to list our products online due to inconsistent and missing data. The solution provided by AskDataEntry was perfect for us; they standardized and enhanced our data, made it SEO-friendly, and offered ongoing maintenance and support. Since working with them, we’ve noticed a noticeable improvement in our e-commerce sales performance.

About the Client

The client was an electrical goods distributor with its main office in the US. It sold a wide range of products, including lighting fixtures, electrical components, and office supplies. They had a sizable presence in the neighborhood market and had been in operation for more than 15 years. However, they lacked the tools and knowledge necessary to manage the data entry and enrichment for their e-commerce products. They required a partner who could swiftly and precisely upload product information to their online store while guaranteeing the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the product data.

Challenges Faced by the Client

In order to grow their online presence and e-commerce sales, the client needed to manage their product data, which was a significant challenge. They had a sizable catalog with more than 15,000 SKUs, and the product data was dispersed among many different places, including internal systems, catalogs, and manufacturer websites. It was challenging to list their products on e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart due to the inconsistent, lacking, and frequently out-of-date nature of the product data.

For their online channels, they required a solution that would simplify the management of their product data and deliver accurate, comprehensive, and current product information.

Solutions from AskDataEntry

The client got in touch with AskDataEntry, a well-known company that offers data entry and enrichment services for e-commerce products. As a result of its extensive experience working with electrical goods distributors, AskDataEntry has helped a number of clients in the industry improve the efficiency of their e-commerce performance. The steps in the all-inclusive solution that AskDataEntry suggested were as follows –

Data Collection and Analysis

Starting with the client’s various sources, including catalogs, spreadsheets, and manufacturer websites, AskDataEntry first gathered all the product information that was accessible. They performed an analysis of the data to find gaps, contradictions, and mistakes.

Data Cleansing and Standardization

The product data was then cleaned and standardized by the AskDataEntry team of professionals to guarantee consistency and accuracy. To get rid of duplicate entries, fix spelling mistakes, and standardize product attributes like dimensions, weight, and price, they used a combination of automated tools and manual processes.

Product Data Entry and Enrichment

The process of entering the standardized product data into the client’s e-commerce platforms was then started by AskDataEntry. They added more details to the product data, such as premium product images, thorough product descriptions, and technical specifications. To enhance the products’ visibility on online marketplaces, they also performed SEO-related tweaks to the product titles and descriptions.

Quality Assurance and Testing

To guarantee that the product data was accurate, complete, and current, AskDataEntry carried out stringent quality control checks. In order to confirm that the products were accurately listed and showed up in search results, they tested the data on a number of e-commerce platforms.

Continuous Support and Maintenance

For the purpose of keeping product data current and accurate, AskDataEntry offers ongoing maintenance and support services. They regularly kept an eye on the client’s e-commerce channels and updated the product details as necessary.


With AskDataEntry’s offering, the client was incredibly pleased. They succeeded in significantly raising their e-commerce sales and expanding their online presence. The following are a few of the main advantages they noticed –


Finally, the clothing company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have benefited from AskDataEntry’s content moderation services by keeping a welcoming and upbeat environment for their customers. The moderators of AskDataEntry have been successful in quickly locating and removing offensive and spammy comments as well as responding to customer questions and feedback by using a list of keywords and guidelines. This has made it possible for customers to interact with the brand in a secure and interesting environment, which has improved the company’s online reputation. The clothing company has found AskDataEntry’s content moderation services to be a priceless resource, and their success in the fiercely competitive world of online retail is directly attributable to them.

1. Enhanced Product Data Accuracy – The client was able to avoid mistakes and inconsistencies in their online listings thanks to AskDataEntry’s standardized and enhanced product data. As a result, there were fewer returns and complaints, and the overall customer experience was enhanced.

2. Growth in Sales and Revenue – In order to rank higher in search results and draw in more customers, the client’s products benefited from improved product data and SEO optimization. E-commerce sales and revenue significantly increased as a result of this.

3. Time and Cost Savings – The client was no longer required to invest time and money in maintaining their product data. Their operations were streamlined, and they were able to cut down on data management expenses thanks to AskDataEntry’s solution.


The distributor of electrical products overcame the challenge of managing their extensive catalog of products online with the aid of AskDataEntry’s e-commerce product data entry and enrichment services. Customers have been able to overcome their e-commerce data management difficulties thanks to AskDataEntry’s comprehensive solutions, which have also led to appreciable increases in sales and revenue.

In order to guarantee the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the information, they were able to upload product data to their e-commerce store quickly and effectively. As a result, the distributor’s sales increased and customer satisfaction increased.

About AskDataEntry

One of the top companies offering data entry and enrichment services for e-commerce products is AskDataEntry. Their area of expertise is assisting organizations of all sizes in effectively and efficiently managing their product data.

The experts at AskDataEntry are adept at gathering, sanitizing, standardizing, entering, and enriching data. To make sure that the product data is accurate and comprehensive, they use a combination of automated tools and manual procedures. Additionally, they SEO-optimize product data to increase visibility on online marketplaces.

AskDataEntry also offers ongoing maintenance and support services to make sure that product data is accurate and current, in addition to providing product data entry and enrichment.

AskDataEntry has assisted a number of clients in improving their e-commerce performance and boosting sales and revenue, thanks to their experience working with a variety of industries, including distributors of electrical products.

AskDataEntry offers businesses an all-encompassing solution to efficiently manage their product data and be successful in their e-commerce endeavors.

Richard V.
(Operations Manager at a Retail Business)

Our business had been having trouble meeting the demands of managing the product data for our e-commerce business. When AskDataEntry stepped in, they offered a solution that improved the accuracy and completeness of our data while also saving us time and resources. We’re delighted with the outcomes and are happy to suggest their services to anyone trying to boost their e-commerce effectiveness.

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