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We received excellent data collection services from AskDataEntry, which made it possible for us to quickly and affordably collect and compile large amounts of data. Their meticulous attention to detail and stringent quality control procedures made sure that the data collection was accurate and complete, which enabled us to make wise decisions and gain an edge over competitors.

Client’s Background

The client is an industry leader in apartment rental listing aggregation, offering users a platform to look for and rent apartments in various cities. The company aims to offer users a thorough and trustworthy platform where they can look up and compare apartment rentals based on their preferences, finances, and other factors.

The company competes in a cutthroat market, so the data’s precision, thoroughness, and timeliness are essential for luring in new customers and keeping them loyal. The client understood that gathering and compiling real estate data from various sources was a difficult and time-consuming task that called for specialized knowledge and resources. The customer sought assistance from AskDataEntry, a research and data collection company that specializes in providing data collection services to businesses, to find a solution to this issue.

Project Requirements

The client hired AskDataEntry to gather information about properties from various sources and combine it, making sure the data was accurate, complete, and up to date. The client gave AskDataEntry specific instructions and requirements for the data collection procedure, including the data sources, the kinds of information needed, and the frequency of updates. The client placed a strong emphasis on the necessity of the data’s accuracy, completeness, and timeliness and demanded that AskDataEntry produce results of the highest caliber within the predetermined time frames.

Challenges Faced by the Client

When collecting and compiling property data from various sources, the client faced a number of difficulties, including –

  • Takes a Lot of Time
    It takes time and requires specialized knowledge and resources to gather and compile property data from various sources. The client hired AskDataEntry because they didn’t have the internal know-how or resources to complete this task.
  • Locating Pertinent Data Sources
    The client needed to locate pertinent data sources that could produce thorough and precise property listings. In order to give their rental listing aggregator a competitive edge, the client needed to look for specialized sources of data.
  • Ensuring the Data is Accurate and Complete
    In the rental listing aggregator market, the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data are crucial. For the purpose of giving users trustworthy and pertinent information, the client had to make sure that the data it had collected was accurate, complete, and up to date.
  • Data Validation
    The client was required to validate the data once it had been gathered to make sure it complied with their quality standards. It took a lot of time and required specialized knowledge and materials to complete.
  • Data Updating
    The client was responsible for keeping the rental listing aggregator current with the newest real estate listings. The client was required to regularly check the data sources and update the database with any new listings that were made available.
  • Remaining Competitive
    Due to the fierce competition in the rental listing aggregator market, the client needed to maintain its position by giving users access to the most thorough and recent property listings. The client had to guarantee that their rental listing aggregator was more trustworthy and complete than their rivals.

The client had to overcome a number of obstacles when researching and collecting property data from various sources, which called for specialized knowledge and equipment. In order to address these issues and guarantee the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the data, AskDataEntry created a thorough research and data collection procedure.

Solutions from AskDataEntry

AskDataEntry created a thorough procedure that included the following steps in order to address the aforementioned problems –

Source Identification

Identifying the sources of property data was the first step. In close collaboration with the client, AskDataEntry identified the online real estate websites, property management firms, and real estate agents as the most pertinent sources for the data. In addition, the team looked for specific data sources that could give the client a competitive edge.

Data Collection Templates Creation

After locating the sources, AskDataEntry developed unique data collection templates to collect the pertinent property data from each source. All pertinent details about each property, such as its location, cost, size, amenities, and other specifics, were intended to be included in the templates.

Data Collection Process

After that, AskDataEntry started collecting data using tailored templates from various sources. For the purpose of ensuring the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data, the team combined automated tools with manual data collection techniques.

Validating Data

After gathering the data, AskDataEntry verified it to make sure it complied with the client’s quality requirements. In order to confirm the accuracy of the data, the team used a combination of automated and manual techniques, including cross-referencing data from various sources and carrying out quality control checks.

Compiling Data

AskDataEntry combined the data after it had been verified into a single database that the client could use to fill its rental listing aggregator. The team arranged the information so that it was simple for the client to search and filter the listings based on particular criteria, such as location, price range, and amenities.

Updating Data

In order to maintain the client’s rental listing aggregator’s accuracy with regard to the most recent real estate listings, AskDataEntry also offered ongoing data collection services. As new listings became available, the team regularly updated the database by monitoring the sources of data.


The client’s users now have access to the most thorough and recent property listings with the help of AskDataEntry’s research and data collection services. The client was able to maintain a competitive edge in the rental listing aggregator market thanks to the ongoing data collection services and customized templates that guaranteed the accuracy and completeness of the data.


AskDataEntry’s data collection services enabled the client to offer users the most thorough and recent property listings. AskDataEntry was able to give the client a competitive edge in the rental listing aggregator market by locating pertinent data sources, developing personalized templates, gathering and validating data, and compiling it into a single database. The client’s database was kept current and relevant, thanks to the ongoing data collection services, which also increased the utility of the rental listing aggregator for users.

About AskDataEntry

AskDataEntry is an organization that conducts research and collects data with a focus on serving businesses. A variety of data collection services are provided by our company, including web research, data mining, data entry, and data cleansing. The team at AskDataEntry is made up of knowledgeable and skilled individuals with experience in many different fields. The company collects data from various sources using cutting-edge technology and tools to ensure that it is accurate, complete, and up-to-date.

Given the high scalability of AskDataEntry’s data collection services, the business is able to process large amounts of data with little delay. The company’s services are also adaptable, so it can respond to the changing demands of its customers and offer unique solutions that satisfy their particular needs. In general, AskDataEntry offers dependable and high-quality data collection services that aid companies in making wise decisions and gaining an edge in their particular markets.

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We hired AskDataEntry to collect and compile information about customer feedback from various sources. Their team of specialists created a specialized data collection procedure that satisfied our particular needs and produced top-notch outcomes within the predetermined time frames. Through their services, we were able to better understand customer preferences and increase customer satisfaction.

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