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John Smith
(Marketing Manager)

Our efforts to purge and improve our customer database have been greatly assisted by AskDataEntry. The team is dedicated to producing results of the highest caliber, extremely professional, and quick to respond. Because of their services, we now have a more precise and extensive database, which has improved our ability to interact with customers and produce better results. I highly recommend AskDataEntry.

Client’s Background

The team in charge of alumni relations at one of the top 20 private research universities in the United States realized the importance of alumni interactions to the institution. The client had a prestigious alumni base and an effective alumni relations program that was well-funded and run by people who had achieved great success. Despite the fact that they had recently organized several outstanding capital campaigns for the university, they came to the conclusion that many alumni were not actively involved in the institution.

Project Requirements

The client evaluated its data in an effort to foster greater engagement with the division and university. They learned that the majority of fundraising officers relied on their own networks and connections and that their database of recent alumni was inadequate and unfulfilled. Additionally, the database was inaccurate, out-of-date, and incomplete when the university wanted to interact with its alumni for fundraising, employment opportunities, and other events. Since the database needed to be cleaned up and made more useful for the university, AskDataEntry was hired to do so. AskDataEntry was hired to cleanse and enrich the database, making it ready for the university to use.

Project Challenges

The alumni database at the university was out-of-date and contained inaccurate and incomplete information. The difficulties that AskDataEntry encountered were as follows:

  • Duplicate Entries – It was challenging to obtain precise information regarding the university’s alumni population because the database had duplicate entries.
  • Erroneous Information – Numerous alumni records contained out-of-date data, including physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. Making contact with the alumni was difficult as a result.
  • Missing Records – Telephone numbers and email addresses were among the data that were missing from some records. Because of this, building a comprehensive and accurate database was challenging.

Solutions from AskDataEntry

The following strategies were put into practice by AskDataEntry to deal with the problems –

Removal of Redundant Entries

By locating records that shared the same name, address, and other personal data, the company first eliminated duplicate entries from the database. As a result, there were fewer records in the database, which made it simpler to manage.

Data Verification

The business used online directories and public records to confirm the contact details on each alumni record. By doing this, it was made sure that the contact information was current and correct.

Data Enrichment

Dates of graduation, degree programs, and professional accomplishments are just a few of the extra details that AskDataEntry added to the database. As a result, the university had a deeper understanding of its alumni community.

Data Formatting

In order to maintain uniformity across the database, the company standardized the formatting of the data, including phone numbers and addresses.


The outcomes of AskDataEntry’s research were significant. The university was able to achieve the following outcomes –

Enhanced Involvement

Having accurate contact information allowed the university to interact with a greater number of alumni. As a result, alumni events saw an uptick in attendance, and fundraising campaigns were more successful.

Comprehensive Database

With the help of the enhanced database, the university now has a more complete understanding of its alumni base. Because of this data, the university was able to target certain alumni groups in its communications.

Time and Money Saving

The work done by AskDataEntry cut down on the time and money needed to manage the database. It saved time for the university by eliminating the need to manually update records or double-check contact information.


Data cleansing and enrichment services from AskDataEntry were successfully delivered to the client. AskDataEntry increased the university’s engagement with its alumni by eliminating duplicate entries, confirming contact information, enlarging the database with new data, and standardizing data formatting. As a result of AskDataEntry’s thorough database creation, the university was able to better target its alumni communications and increase fundraising. Because of AskDataEntry’s work, the university was able to save time and money by not having to spend either on manually updating the database.

About AskDataEntry

AskDataEntry provides a variety of other data-related services to its clients in addition to its services for data cleansing and enrichment. Data mining, data entry, data conversion, data processing, and document management are some of these services.

With years of experience in a variety of data-related tasks, such as web research, data extraction, data classification, and data analysis, AskDataEntry has a team of highly qualified experts at its disposal. The business makes use of cutting-edge tools and technologies to guarantee accurate and effective data processing.

Additionally, AskDataEntry is dedicated to offering its customers top-notch services. All data entries and processes are reviewed by the company’s quality control team to make sure they are accurate and satisfy the needs of the clients. In order to guarantee that client data is always protected, AskDataEntry also abides by strict security and confidentiality policies.

In conclusion, AskDataEntry is a reputable and skilled data management business that offers clients top-notch services. If you have any questions about our services or how we can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Emily Jones
(Operations Manager)

We were struggling with a large, dated database that had numerous duplicate entries and errors. We were able to clean and improve the data with AskDataEntry’s assistance, which helped us save a ton of time and money. They really outdo themselves in terms of detail-orientedness and dedication to quality. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking for dependable and effective data management solutions.

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