Data Annotation and Monitoring for A Smart Parking App Solution

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For our machine learning project, we hired AskDataEntry to provide data annotation services. Their team of subject matter experts produced specialized annotation guidelines and supplied precise and dependable annotations, which assisted us in raising the efficiency and performance of our algorithms. With the help of their services, we were able to complete our project on schedule while also saving time and resources. Highly Recommended their service.

Client Background

A tech start-up that is our client is dedicated to finding a solution to the urban parking issue. The smart parking app developed by the client analyzes real-time parking data using machine learning algorithms to forecast parking availability and suggest to drivers the best spots that are open. The client was established by a group of business owners who were fed up with the struggle to find parking in crowded urban areas on a daily basis. They were aware of the demand for a service that could help drivers locate and reserve parking spots in real time, reducing the stress and time lost in parking searches. In general, the client’s goal is to make it easier for urban drivers to find and reserve parking spaces by offering a dependable and effective smart parking app solution.

Client Challenges

In order to forecast parking availability and suggest the best spots to drivers, the client’s app used machine learning algorithms to analyze real-time parking data. However, because it required trustworthy, accurate data, a large amount of annotated parking data was required for the app’s machine-learning models to be trained.

The internal client team of data annotators was having trouble meeting the demand for parking data annotation, which was delaying the expansion and improvement of the app. The client required a trustworthy and affordable solution to manage their data annotation requirements and guarantee the precision and caliber of their parking data.

In general, our client’s challenge was to find a partner who could provide specialized data entry services that met their unique needs, let them focus on their core competencies, and maintain the accuracy of their data while reducing their operational costs.

Solution from AskDataEntry

In order to provide data annotation and monitoring services for their smart parking app solution, the client partnered with AskDataEntry. AskDataEntry provided a team of expert data annotators who had received training in the annotation of parking data, and they were able to quickly and accurately annotate the parking data.

In the process of annotating the data, parking data images taken by the client’s parking sensors had to be examined and labeled with pertinent details like the type of parking space, the number of spots that are available, and the time of day.

In order to guarantee the consistency and accuracy of the data, AskDataEntry also offered real-time monitoring of the parking data. A combination of automated quality control checks and manual review processes was used to identify and correct any data errors.

AskDataEntry implemented stringent data security and privacy protocols to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the parking data. Additionally, they provided secure data storage and transmission in order to protect the data from theft or unauthorized access.


The results of the data monitoring and annotation performed by AskDataEntry were significant. The following outcomes were accomplished by the client successfully –

  • The client was able to increase the precision and caliber of their parking data by outsourcing those needs to AskDataEntry, which led to better recommendations for their users.
  • A large volume of parking data was annotated accurately and efficiently by AskDataEntry’s team of skilled data annotators, which enabled the client to train their machine learning models more successfully.
  • The client was able to free up internal resources through their partnership with AskDataEntry so that they could concentrate on other crucial aspects of their business. Additionally, the client was able to grow their enterprise and offer their services in additional cities and areas.
  • The client was able to create a dependable and effective smart parking app solution with the help of AskDataEntry’s precise and high-quality data, and their users were pleased with the end result.

About AskDataEntry

AskDataEntry is a data processing and management business that offers clients from different industries specialized solutions. A team of skilled experts in data management and processing, including data annotation, data entry, data monitoring, data analysis, and data visualization, makes up AskDataEntry. They are committed to offering accurate and trustworthy data services that support clients in enhancing their corporate operations and achieving their objectives.

Large amounts of parking data, including pictures, videos, and sensor data, needed to be labeled and annotated in order to aid the client’s machine learning algorithms in their training. AskDataEntry provided these services. In order to guarantee the consistency and dependability of the data over time and to enable the client to base decisions on real-time parking data, we also offered data monitoring services.


We received data annotation assistance from AskDataEntry for our image recognition project. Our models were trained and highly accurate, thanks to the accurate and consistent annotations that their team of experts provided. Their assistance allowed us to complete our project on time and on budget while also saving time and resources.

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