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Thank you a lot! The experience of working with AskDataEntry was wonderful! Everyone should be as well-prepared, effective, and on top of things as your company. Furthermore, your team is a tremendous asset to your business. You can be sure that we will get in touch with you if another need arises. Additionally, we will provide your information to anyone who requests it.

The Client Company

The client, a US-based provider of software as a service, serves over 1,000 enterprise customers by providing data solutions and analytics with a manufacturing-focused vertical industry focus.

Importance of Data Entry in CRM

Data entry is the method of obtaining usable data for a CRM, which is necessary for it to generate revenue for the business. As a result, data entry is an essential component of running a CRM.

Challenges Faced by the Client

More than 70,000 of the target clients of our client had a CRM with a wealth of contact and address information. Additionally, our client had a keen understanding of the characteristics of the customers who use its software platform most successfully and the types of customers that they tend to attract. Instead of randomly launching its sales and marketing efforts on each of these 70,000 customers in a way that lacks process and methodology, they made the decision to develop a lead scoring methodology. Based on pertinent traits they shared (such as manufacturing operations, manufacturing methodologies, product types, technology stack, distribution, etc.), lead scoring enabled our client to divide this list of 70,000 customers into several tiers and buckets.

Once our client had scored 100 of their potential customers in their CRM, they realized they were in for a challenge. The process of going through 100 records took a very long time, and they needed the information right away. In order to scale their lead scoring process, clear the backlog of 70,000 records, and establish an ongoing partnership where all incoming leads would be scored, they came to AskDataEntry.

In order to organize their product data and images on their website by the deadline for a seamless user experience, they were seeking a skilled outsourcing partner who specialized in eCommerce product data entry and image tagging. They hired us for their project after being persuaded by AskDataEntry’s skilled team and impressive portfolio.

Solutions and Results

As a solution for the client, we created a step-by-step process –

Creation of Teams – In order to clear the backlog over the course of two months, AskDataEntry assembled a team of 15 full-time employees who researched each and every lead in our client’s CRM thoroughly and effectively and then scored them in accordance with our client’s standards.

CRM Data Entry – After the backlog was cleared, we kept the partnership going with a group of two full-time associates who continuously check, clean, and enhance our clients’ CRMs with not only lead scoring data but also current contact information and other research.

Meet Client Expectations – As soon as our client was able to locate pertinent data on every potential customer, their sales and marketing efforts became more specialized, more intimate, and more successful.

We boost our clients to get more sales


By outsourcing their data entry tasks to AskDataEntry, the software company was able to generate usable data and effortlessly improve their sales and marketing efforts. The software company was able to concentrate on its core business operations while delegating the time-consuming task of data entry to the experts, thanks to AskDataEntry’s tailored solution and skilled team of professionals. Overall, this collaboration gave the software company’s data entry needs a practical, affordable solution.

About AskDataEntry

Any industry vertical can receive support from AskDataEntry’s outsourcing services. We can help you with services for creative, data management, translation, finance, knowledge process outsourcing, and more with our qualified and trained resources.

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AskDataEntry served as our transcription partner on a highly complex, enormous, and unpredictably sized project for one of the world’s most exclusive collections of brands. Throughout the entire process, from the tender to delivery, they were a pleasure to work with: proactive, very communicative, of the highest caliber, and a lot of fun. I’m eager to have another chance to collaborate with them.

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