CRM Data Entry Services for Sourcing and Managing Job Postings for a Healthcare Recruitment Firm

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We were finding it challenging to keep up with the large backlog of customer information that needed to be entered into our CRM system. In order to get the job done quickly and accurately, we turned to AskDataEntry, a leading CRM data entry service provider. Their team was capable, accommodating, and a pleasure to work with. The outcomes have exceeded our expectations, and we would recommend their services to others.

Client Details

One of the top healthcare recruitment firms, our client, specializes in placing medical professionals in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country. They have established themselves as a dependable partner for healthcare employers and job seekers by putting a strong emphasis on quality and service.

With more than 10,000 healthcare professionals in their database, they had been in business for more than ten years. But they were having trouble keeping track of their job postings and applications. Their current team lacked the capacity to manage the volume of data entry work necessary to keep their database current with the most recent job openings. Furthermore, the firm’s HR department was having trouble keeping up with the daily volume of job applications they were getting.

Client’s Challenges

The challenges that our client encountered were as follows –

  • Job Postings and Applications – The main difficulty our client encountered was handling the number of daily job postings and applications they were receiving. They regularly received new job postings from clients and had a sizable database of medical specialists. In addition, they were inundated with job applications from people looking to work in healthcare facilities all over the country.
  • Data Entry Volume – Because of the volume of data entry work necessary to keep their database current with the most recent job openings, their current team was ill-equipped to handle it. As a result, it took longer to find qualified candidates for their clients because job postings weren’t being added to the database as quickly as they should have been.
  • High Volume of Resume Data – Similar to the above point, their HR department was finding it difficult to manage the number of daily job applications they were getting. They were losing valuable time manually entering resume data into their CRM system, which limited their ability to concentrate on other HR-related tasks.
  • Job Posting Management – They faced a problem in that they needed to find a method for effectively managing their job postings and applications. They required a partner who could offer specialized data entry services that suited their particular requirements and let them concentrate on their strong points.
  • Accurate Data Entry – Our client also needed to make sure that the information entered into their CRM system was accurate. Any mistakes or omissions could make it more difficult for them to find qualified candidates for their clients, or even worse, they might end up losing those clients entirely.

In general, our client’s challenge was to find a partner who could provide specialized data entry services that met their unique needs, let them focus on their core competencies, and maintain the accuracy of their data while reducing their operational costs.

Our Solution

The healthcare recruitment firm was able to manage job postings and applications more effectively with the help of a tailored data entry solution from AskDataEntry. The following steps were part of that solution –

Data Entry of Job Postings

AskDataEntry efficiently handled all data entry tasks for all job postings that were received by the healthcare recruitment firm. From the job description, we took the pertinent data and uploaded it to the CRM platform. As a result, the most recent job openings were always included in the healthcare recruitment firm’s database.

Resume Data Entry

Additionally, we took care of our client’s data entry for all job applications. We took the crucial data out of the resumes and uploaded it to the CRM system. They were able to quickly review and process job applications because of this.

Quality Assurance

For the purpose of ensuring that there were no mistakes or omissions, AskDataEntry performed quality checks on all the data input into the CRM system. This assisted the client in avoiding any potential issues that might have resulted from incorrect data.


To keep them updated on the status of their job postings and applications, AskDataEntry regularly provided reports to the healthcare recruitment firm. This made it easier for them to manage their workload and change their recruitment approach as needed.


The healthcare recruitment company was able to manage job postings and applications more effectively thanks to the data entry solution offered by AskDataEntry. The recruitment agency was able to quickly process job applications and keep their database current with the most recent job openings. As a result, they were able to streamline their hiring procedure and concentrate on locating the most qualified candidates for their clients.

Additionally, the solution enabled the recruitment agency to save time and money that they could use for other HR-related tasks. The recruitment company was able to cut operational costs and boost overall efficiency by outsourcing their data entry requirements to AskDataEntry.


The recruitment agency was successful in overcoming its data entry difficulties and effectively managing its job postings and applications by working with AskDataEntry. Because of the personalized data entry solution from AskDataEntry, they were able to concentrate on what they do best and give their customers better service. They were relieved of the burden of manually entering information from resumes and job postings into their CRM system, which was a time-consuming and laborious task.

AskDataEntry’s strict quality control procedures make sure that the information entered into their CRM system was accurate, which made it easier for them to find qualified candidates for their clients quickly. Furthermore, our client was able to save operating expenses while retaining the quality of their services because of AskDataEntry’s affordable services. The recruitment company was ultimately able to boost operational effectiveness, increase productivity, and offer better client service by outsourcing their data entry needs to AskDataEntry.

About AskDataEntry

AskDataEntry is a seasoned provider of data entry services, providing businesses in various industries with specialized and reasonably priced data entry solutions. In addition to offering a variety of data entry services, we also offer image data entry, offline data entry, online data entry, data processing, data conversion, and more. The skilled data entry professionals on our team are prepared to handle large amounts of data and offer accurate and timely data entry services. In order to provide specialized solutions that are suitable for each client’s particular requirements, we closely collaborate with them to comprehend their particular data entry needs.

The quality control procedure used by AskDataEntry guarantees the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the data entered into the clients’ systems. For each data entry task, we use a combination of manual and automated quality control checks to guarantee accuracy and error-free data entry. AskDataEntry places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and works to give its clients dependable and affordable data entry solutions that aid in boosting operational effectiveness and cutting costs.

Overall, AskDataEntry is a reputable data entry service provider that helps businesses across various industries manage their data entry needs successfully and efficiently by providing them with specialized and affordable solutions.

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Our capacity to efficiently manage our client relationships was beginning to suffer as a result of our long-standing disregard for our CRM data entry. AskDataEntry assisted us in organizing our data when we came to them for assistance. Because of the expertise and experience of their team, our data was entered into the system with speed and accuracy. Since working with them, we’ve seen a considerable boost in our capacity to manage client contacts.

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