AskDataEntry Provides Content Moderation Services for a Clothing Company

Cloud Cicil
(Business Head)

We were initially apprehensive about outsourcing our social media content moderation services, but AskDataEntry, the company we settled on, has far exceeded our expectations. Their team has the expertise, and they consistently produce accurate work on schedule. They have grown to be an essential part of our company’s operations, and we heartily endorse anyone looking to outsource their social media content moderation requirements.

About the Client

The young demographic is catered to by a number of the clothing lines offered by this emerging brand. The majority of their offerings are fashionable, seasonally appropriate clothing and shoes. They made the decision to set up a Facebook and Instagram account with the intention of increasing their market penetration online. Unfortunately, the business is unaware of the dangers that exist in the social media environment.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Developers have contacted NMS for assistance with the following problems because an increasing number of adversarial users is damaging the company’s reputation –

  • During the initial stages of their digital expansion, the flow of online sales arrived smoothly and steadily. However, users started populating their social media pages with pointless and irrelevant content.
  • Some people have disparaged their brand by leaving defamatory reviews and offensive comments.
  • The credibility of their brand has been harmed by these malicious posts.

Due to our diligence and extensive knowledge of healthcare invoice data entry, we successfully overcame the challenges and provided the client with a 100% accurate result.

Solutions from AskDataEntry

For the purposes of resolving the aforementioned issues, we created a step-by-step procedure. Below are the suggested solutions from us –

Moderation Service Offerings

AskDataEntry offered the client social media moderation services, in which skilled moderators oversee, evaluate, and manage content posted on their social media pages by combining the best aspects of human cognitive processes and machine learning technologies.

Spammy Comments Detection

AskDataEntry first compiles a list of words and expressions that are frequently associated with inappropriate or spammy comments in order to find such comments. These include using foul language, using hate speech, sending spam, and promoting competing products. In addition, the group creates a set of criteria that moderators must follow when evaluating comments.

Comment Checking

Moderators check the messages and comments that have been posted since the previous day on the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages each day. They quickly identify any comments that contravene the business’s policies by using the list of keywords and instructions. For instance, if a comment contains a swear word or a racial epithet, the moderator will delete it and let the user know that their comment was removed for breaking the company’s community standards.

Spammy Comments

Additionally, moderators search for spammy or off-topic comments. As an illustration, if a user posts a comment endorsing a rival good or service, the moderator will delete the comment and inform the user that their comment was removed for violating the business’s advertising policies.

Response to Inquiries

Moderators not only delete offensive and spammy comments but also address queries and criticism from users. A customer may ask a question about sizing or shipping, for instance, and the moderator will provide a solution.

Increase Reach

As an added bonus, AskDataEntry provided internal moderators to reply to comments, making threads and posts more engaging and customized. An increase in traffic to their social media pages was the main objective.

Overall, the clothing company has benefited from AskDataEntry’s content moderation services in keeping a friendly and welcoming tone on their social media platforms. Customers can now freely share their opinions and interact with the brand because they have removed offensive and spammy content from the site.


The business’s digital storefront experienced increased success after installing a moderation system to shield their social media pages from trolls and cyberbullies. More online customers became loyal to them as a result. Their B2C relationship was strengthened by being able to communicate with customers directly. In the end, AskDataEntry solutions helped them adapt to the brand-new standards of the digital market.


Finally, the clothing company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts have benefited from AskDataEntry’s content moderation services by keeping a welcoming and upbeat environment for their customers. The moderators of AskDataEntry have been successful in quickly locating and removing offensive and spammy comments as well as responding to customer questions and feedback by using a list of keywords and guidelines. This has made it possible for customers to interact with the brand in a secure and interesting environment, which has improved the company’s online reputation. The clothing company has found AskDataEntry’s content moderation services to be a priceless resource, and their success in the fiercely competitive world of online retail is directly attributable to them.

About AskDataEntry

The company AskDataEntry offers data entry and content moderation services to companies in various industries. A large volume of data and content, including messages and comments from social media, is something their team of qualified experts is trained to manage. AskDataEntry used their knowledge of content moderation for the clothing company to keep the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the business’s customers friendly and welcoming. AskDataEntry assisted the apparel manufacturer in building a secure and enjoyable environment for customers to interact with the brand by removing offensive and spammy content, as well as responding to customer questions and comments. In general, the clothing company’s online presence was a huge success, thanks to AskDataEntry’s services, which also helped to improve their social media reputation.

Dominic Montana
(Project Head)

We were having trouble managing the enormous amount of user-generated content on our social media platform. At that point, we made the decision to hire a third-party provider to handle our social media content moderation needs. AskDataEntry’s team has done a fantastic job of content moderation and has assisted us in providing a secure and encouraging environment for our users.

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