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Media is equivalent to communication and it aims to spread information to the most massive audience possible. Creators of media care about the access and visibility of their products, and transcribing the video or audio can prove useful.

Media transcription is a technological process of converting media files(audio and video) into text files. These text files may be presentations, lectures, lessons, documentaries and TV shows.

Therefore, finding the right solution, which is scalable, secure, effective, and affordable across teams is important. It could mean significant media firms with unending video content or academic institutions with numerous submissions.

Still, it is also applicable to business organizations with various departments that require the management of transcription services.


  • Media transcription is beneficial for search engine optimization (SEO). The most common phrases or keywords are search engine optimized and boost online visibility. On the contrary, it is impossible to do that with video and audio recordings, and their short captions are usually not enough.
  • One of the output of media transcription can be subtitles which makes videos and audios sometimes more understandable, acceptable, and available to a broader audience.
  • Text information is scannable and requires less time listening to the whole audio. If there’s a need to highlight or insert images, then it is probable that a reader will consume more time when reading the textual information.

It is fun creating media files, but unfortunately, it can prove a tedious task for the creators is transcribing them. These are some of the reasons for outsourcing media transcription services to third party firms.


In the media world, the news is fleeting, and hence immediate capture and posting of news is important. Media transcription eventually becomes a necessity for small and big media firms to function correctly.

Because of the stiff deadlines usually in place, transcribing medial contents can prove to be a challenging task for media firms.

Hence media firms’ can outsource their transcription services to trustworthy service vendors to meet their objectives within stiff deadlines. Outsourcing companies, with the help of professionals, are able to provide optimum solutions that are in line with the client’s demands.

In the entertainment field, media transcription services generally cover video transcription services, audio transcription services, podcast transcription services, digital transcription services, voice transcription services, multimedia transcription services, and the like.


Time Coding or Time Stamping is a significant concept in media transcription that adds value. Clients who outsource media transcription services utilize these services often.

It is the act of adding time references to the video or audio contents. Time Coding or Time-Stamping are placed based on the client’s requirement. Some time stamping happens every few seconds, while others every few minutes. Time-stamping can be for proper identification, editing, and subsequent synchronization of media files.

There is also a need for post-production time -stamping because the time stamp varies concerning the project size.

Time Coding or Time-Stamping features assist when subtitling or captioning provided for a video, and in transcriptions of panel discussions, it is an essential requirement. Having a Time Coding or Time-Stamping can as well help to review and select the desired scene or pointing a video or audio file. Professional media transcript service providers are up to date with the latest trends in the industry and can handle this vital part of the media transcription process effortlessly.

Furthermore, Time coding or time stamping can also form part of legal evidences for human resources, law enforcement agencies, government bodies, and legal agencies for witness statements, tribunals and hearings.

These transcriptions are for public investigations, safety purposes, or disciplinary actions, and they have legal significance, so having them time-coded or time-stamped assists judicial actions.


  • It has improved productivity and workflow management.
  • The start time, style, and frequency of time coding or time stamping ensure adequate media transcription services.
  • It guaranteed customer support service.


Several advantages come with outsourcing media transcriptions to third-party service providers. Here are some of its significant benefits:

  • Cost-effective transcription solution with a high level of accuracy.
  • Highly customized format based on the client’s preference.
  • Short turn around time (TAT).
  • High data security.

Third-party media transcription service providers, with the help of professional work force and transcription APIs can produce quality outputs. The transcription data API can be a tool for strategic organization and customer service improvement.

Also, transcription API is a significant change to the number of firms conducting business. A transcription API allows an organization have a central platform for managers and other employees to submit transcription requests. Clients can also gain access to transcription data with the aid of a transcription API.



Data security is of utmost importance in any industry in the world today due to daily increase in the threat of a breach. Adoption of a stable and secure data transferring process is a priority. Every vital video and audio file that passes through an integrated transcription API is 100% secure.


What API can do for internal operation cease to be one of its most significant benefits? Imagine a platform that regulates all employees custom orders submission and also supports all services even when scaling. This API also allows for optimization of the current internal function without loss of productivity. Users can also customize workflows, and select many product types.

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