India is regarded as the home of data entry and this is not unconnected to the fact that there are a lot of agencies and freelancers that provides quality data entry services. And some of the several data entry services includes data processing, data mining, ecommerce data updating, Catalog Management, ePub. Data entry agencies in India are highly specialized with many of them having equipment that allows them offer great data entry services. Moreover in the light of this the time and resources required by these agencies differ and it explains the disparity in the Data entry rates per hour in India.

The time required to complete each of the various data entry tasks differs from each other. This may also account for the differences in pricing and rates per hour in India. It is important to note that data entry service is generally affordable in India.

Are you have been wondering how much would it cost you or your company to outsource your data entry tasks? Then do not look any further because you are at the right place.



This is refers to the conversion of data from its raw state into a useable state that is can be easily interpreted. Data processing is usually carried out by making use of a predefined sequence of activities which could be either manual or mechanized. There are several forms of outputs that can be generated from this process and some these output includes videos, graphs, images, audio files and so on. The process flow of a generic data processing services includes :

  • Collection
  • Storage
  • Sorting
  • Processing
  • Analysis
  • Presentation and conclusions

Typically across the market in India, the rate of data processing per hour is pegged at $3-$5 per hour so the volume of data to be processed now determines how many hours you will be charged.


Data mining although similar to data processing refers to sourcing for a particular hidden set of information from a huge set of raw data that follows a particular pattern. This type of data entry service requires the use of one or more software and technology. Data mining is also a major area where the knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, statistics can be applied. Therefore, data mining is usually somewhat pricey when compared to other kinds of data entry. The average rate charged per hour of data mining is within the range of $5-$10 per hour.


eCommerce data updating is the series of activities carried out to keep your website, product data entry and general business data up to date. This service requires a great deal of patience and eye for detail. As this has to do with the success or failure of your eCom business. Although it seems easy to do, it requires a lot of proofread and quality check. Because you do not want to put out wrong or outdated information to your customers. The average price of this service in India is $6 per hour although some agencies charge a bit hire and some a bit lower.


Just as the name implies, data cleaning or cleansing refers to the process of detecting and correcting errors in your business data base. Some of these errors could be incorrect customer details (address, phone number, and email). And incorrect product information and a host of other information. Businesses require a consistent cleaning of their data base in order to stay on top of their game. Moreover provide the kind of services that will wow customers. The average price of data cleansing services offered in India is $5 per hour. At this rate you should get a decent data cleaning service.


This is the most basic form of data entry as it only involves typing a word file or excel sheets. Companies who have lot information to store usually outsource their plain data entry tasks. And there are numerous good companies and individual freelancers that offer this service in India. Although it seems like a basic task, it requires a great attention to details. Like great English proficiency and fast typing skills. With $2-$3 per hour, you should find a suitable agency that will provide quality data entry service got you if you have bulk requirement.


This form of data entry refers to simply changing the format of one file to the other. Data conversion ranges from simple tasks such as converting a pdf file into a word document. And to more complex tasks such as converting images and audio files to versions that are compatible with your computer operating system. The price of this service varies by the complexity of the conversion process. For simple data conversions the rates is within $3-$5 per hour. While it costs about $5-$10 per hour for complex data conversion tasks.


This type of data entry service involves helping companies move their data from one data base to the other. Outsourcing this task is important because it is easy to mess things up when trying to handle it all by yourself. For a better understanding you can read – Why you should outsource data entry services. And by so doing create more troubles. There are several agencies that offer affordable data migration services. Companies from India price ranges from about $3- $7 per hour.

With the information provided above, it is believed that you now have sufficient insight for you to make great decisions. Whenever you decide to outsource your data entry tasks as the price and rates provided in this piece are quite general. And it represents the situation of the market in India although some agencies an freelancers may charge higher.

One other important thing to understand when outsourcing your data entry task is that you should be careful about pricing. Make sure about the agencies or freelancers offering reasonable rates because it often time turns out that they provide below par data entry services.

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