Hiring Magento Product Entry Services – Questions to Ask Yourself

The e-Commerce industry offers a wide range of opportunities for every business owner. It is quite a constructive and straightforward way of reaching out to the customers. Right skills and an optimal platform are the only requirements. The first step to set up a shop online is to create your website. Most entrepreneurs use open-source platforms like WooCommerce, Zen Cart, or nopCommerce. Understanding the functionalities of the open-source platform is essential. Especially to enhance the quality of your website. Here is where Magento product data entry services grab the spotlight.

Magento is a leading name among all the open-source software. More than 25% of the global companies trust their businesses with this platform. It comes as no surprise that Magento was named a leader in 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for digital commerce platforms. Among the various services offered by Magento, powerful product management, order processing, and seo optimized website are its most popular tools.

Functions of the Magento product entry services :

  • Writing Product Descriptions

    Every product has a story. You just need to put it right. An impressive product description is key to convince a customer to add the product to his cart. It implies that the product description is one of the foremost aspects of better sales. The Magento product entry service analyzes the target audience. It uses SEO grade to publish the content. They also ensure keyword-rich product specifications to increase the traffic for your website.

  • Uploading Product Data

    Magento will upload the products on your website, as per your need. They will also update the product prices with the display of occasional discounts, sales, and special offers. Magento also lists the latest stock of items and availability of the existing products. It makes sure that customers don’t face any issues in placing their orders.

  • Management of Product Reviews

    Customer satisfaction is a prime factor in determining the success of a business. The recommendations from one customer can change the mind of the other . The Magento product entry services make sure to project every product on your website in the best light. They manage the reviews in the most efficient manner.

  • Category Management

    Categorizing your products with the correct tags is a time-consuming task. But don’t worry because Magento will reduce your effort. It will add meta tags and meta description. It will also do URL writing/rewriting, and manipulating the product names to make them more SEO-friendly.

  • Enhancing the Product Images

    Product images play a very crucial role in the sales of a product. Magento makes sure to upload images on your website only after processing them to the best quality and pixel rate . The images are also available from different angles to ensure the credibility and genuineness of the product.

Having established the importance of Magento product entry services, let’s look at the top questions you should ask yourself before hiring them :

Do I need the Magento data entry services?

If you have a venture that has a dynamic product range, then the Magento product data entry services are beneficial for you. You can even update your inventory quite frequently. In addition, you don’t have to take on a load of updating the database through employees. Also, using an e-commerce platform like Magento requires certain technical skills. So, without knowing the technical know-how, running the platform efficiently can become quite a hassle.

When running a business, it is better to keep your head focused on bringing in more clients, getting better deals, developing the human resource department, and learning the ropes of the revenue system. At this stage, wasting your precious time on understanding the working of Magento and the product data entry procedures, can lead to the sales taking a hit.

What work can I delegate?

When you are running a business, a chief leadership quality that you must possess is the art of delegation. Delegating the work accurately and efficiently into the right hands is one of the keys to a successful business. So, once you have decided to employ the Magento product data entry services, discuss with the professionals about your expectations from their services.

Organizing and updating the products database is the most important work. Writing keyword-rich and highly graded SEO content for product descriptions helps to generate better traffic to the website. Customizing the product images to suit the needs of the customers and then enhancing them to the best quality and pixel rate with the utmost precision is required for optimal websites. There are many other product data related work that gets seamlessly handled by the company.

How do I safely delegate the work?

Safety is always one of the major concerns. While the quality of the work done is another. Research a lot about the organization before entrusting them with your valuable data entry work. Simply do not only rely on the words of happy customers or other success stories. Opt for a free trial to understand their style of work. Ask for the total turnaround time for the process. Clear your queries and get rid of all hesitations about the timeline.

How much will it cost me?

Generally, service providers offer customized plans based on the scope of the work. However, to get an estimation, you can expect a range of $5 to $12 per hour for this kind of service. It is crucial to make note that the total cost incurred by the company in employing these services will be much less than the cost of housing an employee for this purpose.

How to find an effective Magneto data entry service provider?

The best way to find a good Magneto data entry service provider is to look for a company that gives free trials to prospective clients. Free trials are very important to analyze and inspect the quality of work. Check with the references given by the company. Ask them the period of employing a particular service. It will give you an idea of their loyalty base with past customers. Also, visit the company’s existing clients’ websites to check the kind of work already done by them. Understand and match it with your expectations.


E-commerce has the potential of massive scalability. There are a variety of options available online for all merchants. Magento is the most popular integrated cart and platform used by most online businesses. Big names like Nike and Samsung, had started their journey on Magento. Since it is an open-source platform in PHP, it can support a large number of databases. It is also compatible with the secured and protected servers. One can customize the security permissions on Magento to suit the needs of the business owner. Not to forget, the advanced SEO feature has made it a popular choice in the Industry.

If you are new to the e-commerce industry, it is better to seek professional help in product data entry. Before employing an organization, research well about its past works. Always make sure to get a free trial. These services save time, cost, and the added-hassle of manually updating the databases. They are also very flexible and scalable. Hence, they will grow and expand according to your business. Magento also saves the cost of hiring and training new employees to handle this genre of work. Overall, it helps you focus on other core issues and reduces the pressure of learning the know-hows of the e-commerce platform.

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