I came across a business owner sometimes ago, and he was really lamenting on how he has found it difficult to combine data entry tasks. And core business activities as it was eating much of his time. He went further by saying he hired an in house staff to take care of these data entry tasks for him. But he soon found out that he was spending too much on salary. He was at a cross road and on the verge of giving up when we had this discussion. Moreover to my greatest surprise he said he has no idea he could hire data entry worker online.

As surprised as I was, I was able to understand that so many small and medium sized businesses are yet to understand and take advantage of the numerous advantages of hiring a data entry worker online. If you are in the same shoes as my friend above, then you are in the right place. As this post would open you up to opportunities that abound in outsourcing your data entry tasks. You will also learn about the types of online data entry workers, their pricing and also how to find one.


So straight down to business, online data entry workers are usually called data entry service providers. And there two major groups of data entry service providers which are the independent individuals. They also known as freelancers and then the agencies which are companies that provides these services.

The group offers the same kind of service and you can be sure that if you hire the right hands you’ll receive the best of services. The major difference between these two group however is that you tend to get a more specialized service from agencies. Because they usually have individual working on the different types of data entry tasks. These individuals are usually experts in their field.

When you have finally decided on outsourcing your data entry tasks, the best place you can find online data entry workers is India; India is rich in talents and experience that makes even the biggest firms around the world come to hire.

The fact that there are great companies providing great data entry services doesn’t mean there are no bad service providers too. Therefore it is important that you apply caution and diligence when searching. In order to hire the best hands when in need of data entry service providers, you should watch out for the following qualities in the company or freelancers.


Good track record

Companies that have provided great services to their clients in the past would definitely have some of them giving testimonies about their services. So it is important that you read the reviews left by previous clients before you proceed to acquiring their services. Remember that when data entry is done right your business benefits immensely.

Ability to meet deadlines

Meeting deadline is a good characteristic to watch out for in an individual and companies. Because it helps to move business and get things done swiftly. Therefore, it is important that you ensure that whatever agency you want to outsource your data entry tasks to are able to meet strict deadlines.

Ability to provide follow up and consultancy services

It is important that you will be able to reach out to whatever company or agency you are hiring whenever you run into problems with your data. Many companied do not provide these services or usually want to charge for these services. Notwithstanding there are a few companies that offers free advisory and consultations as part of their packages.

Generally, the pricing structure of data entry services in India is quite affordable and pocket friendly so, you should get great services at reduced costs. The fact that prices are affordable doesn’t mean it should be ridiculously low. So it is important that you are weary of agencies and freelancers that offers very low prices. Because often times it turns out that they do not provide quality services.

The average price for basic data entry tasks across the Indian market is $3 per hour , although some agencies charges a bit higher or lower with some reaching about $7 per hour. However you will get a standard service at $3 per hour. For more complicated data entry tasks such as Data mining, prices may range between $7 and $10. And this is due to the fact that it often requires the use of more software and technology.


Free up your time

Hiring a data entry worker online helps you free up valuable time. And then allows you focus on core business activities which increases your productivity. You do not have to worry about those little tasks anymore you’ll just focus on providing value to your customers.

Helps you to cut cost

When you hire a data entry worker online, you would drastically cut your operational cost. Because you do not have to purchase data entry software or equipment. Also, hiring an in house staff would cost you more in terms of salaries and remunerations.

You get great services from experts

Hiring online data entry worker affords you the opportunity to get specialized service from individuals. Who qualifies to be called experts because of their several years of experience in the data entry space. Therefore you can be sure of receiving nothing short of top notch services.

On a final note, deciding to hire a data entry worker online will be one of the best decisions you will make for your business because of the advantages and benefits. If you are wondering where you can find the best hands to take care of your data entry needs then you should reach out to a professional only.

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