Guide to Outsource Data Entry Without Losing Quality

It is quite common to find a lot of opportunities to outsource data entry presented by different organisations. Now a days businesses have a lot of customers on social media sites such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. Despite the amount of opportunities available online, there is still a lot of competition around the world. To keep up with all the competition, there is a need for data entry outsourcing. Ask Data Entry understands the importance of data outsourcing.

We want you to understand that not every data gotten by organisations is outsourced. However, some data cannot be handled by the organization due to it’s nature or a shortage of staff. Handling of data in-house may also be quite costly for the organization. This is why outsource data processing is very useful to keep costs to the minimum and to ensure maximization of resources. We want to clearly say that outsourcing is no longer a trend but now a necessity for firms. Different firms around the world are now involved in outsourcing and they reap a lot of benefits from it.

quality data entry serviceDespite the importance of data outsourcing, the quality of the data entry still holds a good level of importance. The information gotten from data outsourcing is vital to business decisions. However, data outsourcing is not an easy task as data operators have to deal with a lot of data and it is quite easy to get low quality data. The presence of many blocks of data increases the level of inaccuracy that can occur. However, Ask Data Entry can help you get the best results from data outsourcing. As a brand, we have created a guide which will help different firms and organisations to get the best quality from their data outsourcing. At Ask Data Entry, we are concerned with ensuring you have the best quality of data outsourcing.

Let’s take a look at the following tips that help to increase the accuracy while outsourcing data entry services. These steps include :


Avoid Overloading

At Ask Data Entry, we advise that each organization takes care not to overload their outsourcing provider. Overloading your outsource provider is one of the best ways to get very low quality work. Make sure you avoid setting unreasonable deadlines, targets or impossible limits. This will only cause a high level of errors and the work would end up being very bad results.

Get more operators and delegate duties properly to the different operators. Make sure each operators works at his or her optimum best and you will get the lowest amount of errors possible.

Good working atmosphere

When Outsourcing, data entry operators love to work in the best atmosphere and condition possible. It is your responsibility to provide a very good working environment. Ask Data Entry recommends that you keep them in comfort for the best results. It is another very good method to keep up the quality of your data. A good working atmosphere would require comfortable chairs, good desks and good staff welfare. It will help them focus and produce only the best results.

We also recommend that your treat your data outsourcing provider well. Before you hire any outsource, make sure they understand the working conditions and do your best to create a very good working atmosphere for them. The level of comfort will determine the quality of the result gotten. Similarly learn why you should choose data entry company over a competitive freelancer for your next project.

Hire a Professional

Whoever would be working in relation to your outsourcing should be a professional. Give no chance to novices on a job as critical as outsourcing. Professionals will be able to deliver work quality which is equal to the fee charged. The work of professionals would ensure that you get information that would improve organizational revenues.

Do your market research and speak to people. Do whatever it takes to get a professional to handle your outsourcing. Ignore the costs because the results will be very okay.


The data which is handled by some organisations are considered quite sensitive. Such information may be harmful if it gets into the wrong hands or into the hands of competitors. This could result in a loss of clientele and also a very huge drop in revenue. Make sure that the information is secure and outsource only information with a lesser amount of confidentiality.

One-Stop Data Entry Operators

Instead of checking for data operators from different sources, a single source would be very good. Get a data operator that can satisfy a good percentage of your needs. Only get another operator of a similar quality and source. Making use of these types of data operators will guarantee efficiency and effectiveness. Your firm would also make sure that they establish a very good relationship with the data operators. Running with operators from a similar source will also make it easier and faster for any revisions or corrections to be made.

Try different techniques

As a firm, it is recommended that you try out different techniques. Don’t just go around making use of a single technique. If you have a more effective method, you can discuss it with your data outsourcer or data operator and such a technique would be implemented. This technique would then contribute to the efficiency of the whole process. Things change rapidly around and there is a need to make use of techniques that would keep the level of efficiency and effectiveness at the optimum.

Engage in certain tasks personally

A very efficient result from data outsourcing would require some personal touches. Don’t just leave all the activities for the data outsourcer or data operator. Engage in some personally. This way they are able to see your idea firsthand. This will also ensure that you have a level of control on what your customers get. This would even aid consumer interaction.

Outsourcing is the most effective method for a lot of organisations. For many organisations, it creates a lot of beneficial situations. As soon as you get a good outsource, build a good relationship, use some of the tips above and start to enjoy good-quality data.

author: Joydeep
Joydeep Singha is the Founder at AskDataEntry - India’s leading online virtual administration services provider for businesses and individuals. He is a seasoned marketing professional who is an expert in digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

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