Although we live in a digital world, paper forms are widely used worldwide for various activities. Furthermore, as economic activity has increased, so has the number of forms for each activity for which you filled a form. Here, the form data entry takes place.

It is leading to a more significant number of forms. Therefore, what is the intention of this form? However, they are always meant to collect data from the respondent based on some parameters the collector can decide. Moreover, sometimes, data collection through forms you can do manually, using paper only. Simultaneously, in other cases, you can create one part digitally while the other may be manually.

Surprisingly, in the case of an entirely manual process, the owner can retain information on paper. Hence, if the volume is low, extracting data and drawing conclusions based on manual analysis or compilation may be possible. However, if the volume is large, which we know it usually is, converting to a digital format is essential to compile and analyze the data collected and make decisions based on it.

In the case of partially manual processes, instead of performing two different processes for the same data, it definitely makes logical sense to convert manual data to digital so that the data becomes uniform and, therefore, can be processed uniformly. Converting manually filled information into various forms is called form data entry services. In this case, data entry outsourcing has become an essential pillar through which you can realize the benefits of digitization.

Why You Need to Outsource Form Data Entry?

As discussed earlier, digitalization is naturally an advantage in today’s world. Subsequently, it enables us to connect with the digital globe and reap its usefulness. Once we have data in a digital form, definitely, we can slice and dice it and extract information from it that helps us make decisions. Consequently, form data entry services enable us to store data digitally instead of keeping it on paper efficiently. In fact, it can be subject to spoilage and degradation and takes up a lot of physical space.

For an outsourcer, a form is a means of getting input into some part of the business or work. At this time, it is not the reason for the existence of the company or organization. However, the reason an insurance company exists is to collect premiums and provide coverage. In fact, it is not collecting personal information on forms. Form information only provides input to their primary activity.

A school exists to educate young minds. Subsequently, it asks parents to fill out the form for admission for their children. Simultaneously, the form helps them gather information in an organized manner to assess a child’s suitability for admission. However, the reason for setting up the school was not only to collect data on children. Unquestionably, the skills required for form data entry may differ significantly from those of most workers in these organizations. Hence, it may not be an area of ​​interest for them.

However, ignoring their key deliverables and relying on them to perform form data entry services would be both inefficient in quality and prohibitively expensive.

The Detailed Varieties of Forms

Form data entry solutions need to fill different types of forms. The forms are limitless. The two schools will have separate forms for the admission of new students. The same school may change the form every year based on experience. A customer survey form can evolve with each iteration. Each form needs to be treated and processed as unique. The list below illustrates the widespread use of forms in business and other organizations:

  • Catalog Order Forms
  • Payroll Processing Forms
  • Market Research Forms
  • Insurance Claim Form
  • Insurance Application Forms
  • Medical Forms
  • Purchase Orders Forms
  • Coupon Redemption Forms
  • Survey Forms
  • Voice of Customer Feedback Forms
  • School Admission Forms
  • Tax Exemption Forms
  • Lottery Purchase Forms
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Forms
  • Job Application Forms
  • Subscription Forms
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Forms
  • Progress Report Card Forms
  • Subscription Forms
  • Immigration Forms
  • Progress Report Card Forms
  • Legal Forms
  • Immigration Forms
  • Membership Application Forms
  • Rental, Mortgage, and License Forms
  • Order, Discount, and Rebate Forms
  • Credit Card Application Forms
  • Census Forms Processing
  • Application, Enrolment, and Registration Forms
  • Shipping Forms Processing
  • Census Forms Processing
  • Questionnaire Forms

Remember, this list is only exemplary. However, there are many, many, more forms. And anyone can create a new one.

Benefits of Outsource Form Data Entry Services

Businesses, from start-ups to multinational corporations, are realizing the benefits of outsourcing their form data entry needs.

Improved Productivity with Form Data Entry

Unquestionably, one of the most significant benefits of outsourcing forms data entry is the potential increase in productivity. By not burdening your team with mundane and time-consuming tasks, you can certainly reallocate their talents and skills to more strategic, revenue-generating activities. Thus, it means higher efficiency and productivity as employees can focus on other essential business functions.

Cost-effective with Form Data Entry

Outsourcing forms data entry, obviously, can be a cost-effective choice. However, you save overhead costs associated with hiring and maintaining an in-house team, such as:

  • Compensations
  • Advantages
  • Office area
  • Software
  • Supplies

Entry to the Most Delinquent Technology

Forms data entry outsourcing companies always use the latest technology and software to provide quality services. Moreover, access to this technology ensures accuracy and means your business can benefit without direct investment.

No Training Needed

When you outsource, definitely, your team can save time and resources on data entry tasks. However, form data entry service providers are responsible for training employees and ensuring they are up-to-date with the latest data entry practices and technologies.

Adaptable Teams for Form Data Entry

Forms data entry requirements are often fluid, and outsourcing definitely allows your business to handle peak periods easily without overworking your existing staff or hiring additional temporary employees. Also, subsequently, your outsourcing provider can hire employees with the specialized skills needed when new projects arise.

Quicker Delivery Periods

Outsourcing companies often naturally provide faster turnaround times than if you were processing data in-house. In fact, if you are working with a data entry provider in a different time zone, they are working past your regular business hours and will return completed work before your next business day starts. That way, unquestionably, your data is ready and available when you need it.

Factors to Choose an Associate to Outsource Form Data Entry

As an outsourcer, how should you go about selecting the right vendor? In fact, when you choose a partner for a task, they should be valuable to your business. But, undeniably, this is a very high-level statement. Moreover, what does it indicate to be worth accretive? In fact, what parameters should you consider when choosing a partner?

Quality and Precision with Outsource Form Data Entry

For most business operations, grade of work and precision are non-negotiable. Acceleration ​​and pricing are essential concerns, but not at the expense of accuracy. A mistake can increase premiums for an insurance applicant or deny a child school admission. Quality parlance, this would include a ‘fatal’ error. A dedicated team of Quality Analysts (QAs) who observe transactions, coach agents who create errors, and deliver feedback to senior management on performance is critical in providing quality and precision.

Turnaround Time/ Speed of Delivery with Outsource Form Data Entry

Form data entry solutions can help a company to remain current with the environment by providing faster turnaround times. Suppose today’s forms created by my business can be digitized overnight so that they are available to me when my business starts working the following day. In that case, it has to stay competitive and current.

Pricing of Service

When you outsource form data entry, as in any outsourcing agreement, a partner’s income is your costs, and therefore, in any business relationship, it will always be an essential concern. The risk is that multiple outsourcers manage to put undue weight on this element, which can be detrimental to the business in the long run. Form data entry should be considered one more variable than the most important one. Similarly, sometimes, providers can cut corners with their proposed pricing, making the business unsustainable, thereby cutting corners. In that case, the outsourcer’s business will also suffer. Although offered competitive pricing, outsourcers should refrain from quoting unreasonably low prices.

Data Security

Although it is helpful if the vendor has prior experience with similar work, this usually occurs when doing similar work for a competitor. It can create concerns about leaking business secrets. Vendor data protection protocols must ensure watertight separation of digital spaces for processing. In addition, you should separate physical spaces where you can control the access. ISO-certified, GDPR-compliant companies properly maintain data securely. Necessary checks and balances are in place to keep digital and physical security.

Technological Advancement

Form data entry service business is called ITES or Information Technology Enabled Services. The company came into existence due to the advancement of digital technology. Therefore, using appropriate technology to advance one’s business interests is a given. When you outsource form data entry, and to keep pace with rapid technological changes, the vendor must leverage technology for advanced delivery, such as form readers and OCR/ICR technology. With its ISO/IEC 27001 certification, we are committed to following technology best practices. oWorkers is well positioned to offer clients business continuity if the primary delivery site is affected due to local issues, operating from three global delivery locations.

Process Capability

Agents’ prior experience providing form data entry services is helpful as it enables you to ‘hit the ground running’ and gain a few days usually spent training the partner’s staff. Forms are myriad and changing, so it will be even more critical to consider agent-enabling qualities such as typing speed and accuracy. It will translate into the effectiveness of your form, regardless of the form they are working on. In addition, each form is unique and may evolve and change, allowing us to offer customized solutions Different for each form. Although many underlying aspects will be the same, each form will have a unique process and SOP. It will be necessary for the form data entry partner to have a robust process through which it sets up processing for each new form.

Multi-lingual Ability

As the world shrinks and companies become global, the capacity to comprehend and process in multiple languages ​​becomes a critical element in continuing to do business. If a business operates in ten languages ​​across geographic locations, going to ten different providers to outsource form data entry would be a sub-optimal approach. Companies should look for data entry outsourcing providers who are prepared to control processing in many languages ​​and can handle most, if not all, of the needs.

Hiring and Training

The nature of the form data entry business requires continuous recruitment followed by training that makes recruits fit to handle work for identified client tasks. It also needs the capacity to modify hiring volumes to reach peaks and troughs in demand. Recruiting capacity requires presence in the local ecosystem and acceptance as a contributing community member.

Management Responsibility

Management should demonstrate their interest and willingness to accept the contract. There are no specific parameters or tools to look for to ensure this, but you can establish the ability to work together, usually during pre-contractual interactions. A business contract will only work if something is in it for both parties.

Try to Account for Unplanned Circumstances

Often, the project scope changes. It would help if you suddenly had more form data entry or if you needed it fast and some other change. Although it can be difficult to predict what will happen, try to talk to the service provider about the force situation and scalability. Again, large companies can adjust to the sudden influx of data by restructuring internal teams and hiring more people. Still, you can negotiate the procedures for such changes in advance.

Choosing the right data entry outsourcing partner for your needs is an important decision that demands careful consideration of several factors. From evaluating your business to checking the data security of potential partners, it’s important to conduct full due diligence. Hiring experienced data entry professionals is a viable option for sorting through dozens of outsourcing companies. These professionals can provide quality services that reduce your workload and ensure better results, as they will act as an extension of your team, giving you more oversight of their work. Contracting with a data entry professional or VA can be a flexible, cost-effective way to outsource your enrolment form data entry needs.

Palash RoyData Advisor
Data Advisor at AskDataEntry – India’s leading data entry and processing services provider for businesses and individuals. He is a seasoned data professional who is an expert in big data processing and enrichment.

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