Reports and information that we have, suggests that data processing is quite integral to the success of every organization. The business world is gradually shifting to a time where the data management is very crucial to business growth. So, it is no longer news that organizations are continually looking for ways to capture and input data.

Data capture is often used interchangeably with automatic identification of information. This is so because data capture involves the identification of objects and collection of data about the objects. First, there’s a need to identify and enter objects into your computer system. The above helps to greatly influence the productivity of an organization.

Automatic identification cuts across the analysis of sounds, images and videos as a form of data collection. All of which can be quite tasking except a system is put in place to ensure that it is as easy as it can possibly be.

There are only two ways of capturing data; it would not be surprising to identify them as:


It is absolutely not out of place to use human effort in place of exclusive technology to foster data management. As long as it does the job perfectly then all seems fair. Manual data capture, although a bit dissenting from the norms, can still serve data capture purpose efficiently and effectively.

Adopting manual data capture involves an operator and a few devices like the keyboard, and mouse among other devices.

Although manual data capture will not fall in the goody two shoes category but it is integral. It is a method that is still widely in use by some specific businesses. Plus, it looks like it will be around for a long time. If labor becomes too intense under the use of manual data capture, there is also room to use an automated data capture.


Automated data capture is a direct opposite of the manual data capture. It is now the go to option for businesses in this time and age. There is hardly a reason to argue against this method of data capture because it has a long time reputation of allowing ease and comfort. It does not only provide solutions to data issues but is also a huge time and effort manager.

Why do we then need to actively push an agendum that will likely waste more time and effort? We clearly have a fairer option at hand and should ensure we explore it.

One major advantage of automated data capture over manual data capture is the use of technology to capture data. Because data today exist in electronic form, it becomes even easier and plausible to settle for this type of data capture.

Making use of automated data capture is not so linear with the advent of different brands and varying data issues. Capturing data with the Automated process has a high acceptance rate among small business and big ones alike and the process is popular for being specific about a type of data issue.

Some of these automated data capture involve but are not limited to:


The application of optical character recognition is more efficient in the processing of image files, PDF and other machine printed documents. It remains one of the best ways to handle machine printed data.


Sometimes, there is a need to convert, transfer and interpret hand written characters in print. While the manual data capture may be one way to do all of these, intelligent character recognition remains one of the most effective ways to carry out tasks effectively.

It is okay to look forward to intelligent character recognition because data capture method has the tendency to evolve overtime.


The information an operator may need to interpret or manage is sometimes behind the sonority of a voice. At times like these, it is important to prepare and convert these information from the voice into a text format. There are numerous ways to do this and one that I know never disappoints is the use of voice recognition.


Some information are always lying fallow on the internet waiting to be put to good use. If an organization deems an information vital on a website, there is nothing wrong in putting the information to use.

However, there is a good and a bad way to go about it and I may not be able to state explicitly the bad way to go about it. A serious organization should however, know that the good way to go about it is to use web data capture.

It is important to use a web data capture and use it right. This helps to guard against the misinterpretation and wrong conversion of data from the web.


There is something to first know about smart cards. From the name, these cards are smart and as you might have probably guessed. These cards are also portable.

The integrated circuit present in smart cards helps them to function effectively with or without contact. Use of these cards cuts across important operational works like identification, authentication and biometrics.

As long as you can’t limit the source of data to an area, there would always be different available means of converting data using technology. And as long as new brands keep emerging, better automated data capture will come around. So, it is only useful to see all of these means as serving purpose rather than in competition for the best.

Whether manual data capture or automated data capture, the goal remains to represent, convert and manage data appropriately.

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