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Data Cleansing Problems, Solutions & Wishlists

Decades ago, data cleansing could have been shunned or given cold shoulder. But, today? Definitely not. At least, not in any company that is concerned about making a name in the 21st century. An era like this demands that attention is given to data entry and data cleansing services.

From my point of view, data cleansing problems and solutions:

As expected, data cleansing has taken so much oomph from workers. Most of whom have hope that marketing becomes automatically better by using data cleansing practise. You would think that all hopes and longings would be fulfilled. Here we have discussed about the most regular data problems and solutions.

Cleansing Misspellings

Unfortunately, data entry does not mark the end of all companies’ issues as we may want to believe. In fact, we make mistakes as silent and salient as misspelling a word now and then. I can think of a few different data entry activities that got me riled after I had noticed some misspelling. Did I cringe? Absolutely! Did the time stop? Oh no, big data cleansing can be a big problem.

Having my own fair share of data entry glitch has taught and prepared me for surprises that are not only limited to misspellings.

misspelling data cleansing

7 Most Common Misspelled Business Words

It happens more often if the data to take care of is in large numbers. So, no. You are not free from errors. Because misspellings can be a true pain in the ass. Even they are quite hard to figure out, solutions often stand afar off waiting to be sought after.

Spot Missing Data Values

There is also the issue of missing values to worry about. The necessary things that ought to be contained in an email become missing, there is normally a reason to worry or panic. Having to deal with missing values is one of the aftermath of the activity that may not induce joy.

Data Cleansing Help To Retrieve Missing Emails Too

Even the best of us is not infallible. It is normal that irregularities are found in the arrangement of documents after data cleansing has taken place. And the fact that it is not shocking does not mean that it hurts less or that it is less of a problem.

To make things worse, someone or something always gets represented more than once on the data base and what we might want to neglect.

Rectify Data Duplication

Then, there is this common cause to worry about. It is widely known as ‘duplication’ it does not mean that the actual data contained in both is wrong, it just implies that there is no need to have another when one already suffices. Contradiction is also something to worry about. It is quite in par with duplication of data except the two data do not have the same values and inputs. They have either a huge difference or a slight difference like age or sex.

Basic Data Input Errors

Something as trivial as a punctuation mark has also been a major threat to data input. Maybe not many people are brave enough to admit or voice this out. A simple domain format error could surface if there is a mistake of placement or positioning.

common error data cleansing

For example, a form format was given to be filled in a certain way. But, while the respondent filled, although, the information were correct, he did not exactly position things as suppose.

This is a possibility after or during a data cleansing activity if the person in charge does not take cognizance of all the line, punctuations and words.

Why Data Cleansing is Required?

The higher the volume of data contained in a document, the higher the possibility of encountering errors. Most of the times, data cleansing does not cut it in a case such as this. Although, it always will remain a welcome gesture and action. Opt-in for data cleansing when the files are too bulky with huge numbers of information, does not lift the burden but add to it.

The problematic traits that accompany data entry above may not outshine the benefits of data cleansing, they are still problems that accompany the activity and fortunately problems that come with possible solutions. For as long as you care to check, some of the solutions to perfectly curb the issues that arise from using your regular data cleansing ranges between a few basic chances.

Who Does Data Cleansing?

The place of data cleansing experts should never be underrated no matter how evolved and advanced about we become. In case you are wondering why, an expert is still just what he is called – expert! And while you may be tempted to and yourself or whoever will be handing your data cleansing in the same league as an expert, it will still not cut it.

Using an expert also helps to save a lot of money, time and effort among other things.

So, one of the best solutions to ensuring that data cleansing experiences less hurdle has to be embracing the finesse of an expert data cleansing service provider. At least, in my own opinion, it suffice. Let me know if you think otherwise. That way, if the job is not well done, the company is allowed the luxury to blame someone and demand a remedy.

Tips for SMB Business Owners Dealing with Messy Database

TIP 1# There should also always be a structure to properly optimize and categorize the business data of your company. Even after an expert handles the data cleansing with expertise, it is mostly left to the workers and the company at large to continue being responsible for the data. A long term collaboration with your vendor may be a perfect framework to work with if cleaning your data is a long term thing.

TIP 2#Companies who have been in the business of data cleansing and optimizations methods should also be open minded enough to see that having an expert data entry service provider do things makes like easier for everyone.

TIP 3#After all the ends and odds have been put into consideration, I am of the opinion that; data cleaning should still be number one on the list of things that all companies should prioritize. I am cocksure that a lot of us who understand the gravity of information agree with that.

While data cleansings remains a priority, doing things better should be a goal. In this case, identifying a problem in time and having data cleansing sounds about perfect for the list of the correct things to consider to improve a business data base.

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