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2D Bounding Box Annotation Services

Get high-quality training data using our 2D bounding box annotation services for supervised machine learning. Train your autonomous vehicles and additional computer-aided technologies with our 2D bounding box annotation services. We make object localization seamlessly easy.

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Precision Object Detection with Bounding Box Services

Bounding box annotation is the best and most reliable way to guarantee accurate object detection and recognition in computer vision applications, which are the face of new technology. Through visual search technology, businesses can train AI and machine learning models to recognize and locate objects. We provide thorough bounding box annotation services to assist various machine learning and AI-oriented businesses in annotating all different types and sizes of images and formats, making it incredibly simple for computers to detect and recognize multiple objects just like people.

2d Bounding Box
bounding box annotated images

Our 2D Bounding Box Annotation Expertise

Our 2D bounding box annotation techniques always cover various industries, including autonomous vehicles, robotics, drones, healthcare, retail, e-commerce, agrotech, etc. Consequently, we efficiently implement projects across all domains with our best-in-class annotation service. Moreover, we use AI/ML capabilities and human expertise to perfectly balance project needs and business objectives for bounding box object detection.

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

Want to outsource data entry services to us?

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Some Use Cases for Our 2D Bounding Box Annotation

As a seasoned data annotation company, we simultaneously use the most cutting-edge tools and technology for 2D bounding box annotation aligned with client requirements. However, we quickly recognize them by machine and computer vision. However, our team of highly skilled and rigorously trained image bounding box annotation experts is at the forefront of this effort. 

Why Choose Us for 2D Bounding Boxes Services?

We deliver precise data annotation, insights, and recommendations connected with human-in-the-loop experts via our vertically integrated platform, all while embracing an ethical AI technique. That is why businesses come to us when they want to outsource data annotation solutions.

Precise Annotation

We offer precise annotation services to you using cutting-edge methods and tools. However, several levels of moderation provide pixel-perfect solutions.

Completely Scalable Service

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced employees naturally annotated images on client requests. Promptly, we satisfy all demands.

Safety and Privacy

Our object detection bounding box annotation support maintains the highest data security and privacy levels and has received certification. In fact, we always prioritize our client’s safety and privacy.

Economical Pricing

We always provide our customers with the most reasonable 2D bounding box annotation service to get the best solution while staying within their budget. Every time, we definitely seek to reduce operating expenses.

Dedicated Customer Service

Every day of the year, 365 days a year, our customer service representatives always are on duty. However, our 24-hour staff members guarantee prompt availability and response to questions or concerns.

Solution Align with Your Industry

With our global cross-industry experience, we have always delivered successful data annotation projects to B2B and B2C clients worldwide.

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We are satisfied with the AskDataEntry team. They proved that a small company like ours can benefit from outsourcing. We are always astonished and impressed by the adaptability, intelligence, and communication of their team assigned to our bounding box annotation. In the future, we want to use their other services as well.


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